Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan LIES through her teeth and we have proof – watch videos

Hina Khan was touted as one of the strongest contestants on Bigg Boss 11. No doubt she is. But she has also emerged as one of the most controversial contestants of all time. She has been time and again called out for her hypocrisy and lies. Just today ex-Bigg Boss contestants Sayantani Ghosh slammed Hina in her tweet. Earlier, Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauahar Khan had also called out Hina on her hypocrisy.

Lie number 1

Hina lied about how she told Shilpa to make breakfast for her. Agreed, she kept the eggs there on the kitchen counter, but she forgot to decently go up to Shilpa to make eggs for her. Instead, she walked away from the counter saying she wants eggs as if Shilpa was her maid. Then after the confrontation, she went on tell a whole different story to Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi. Watch this fan-made video which exposes Hina’s lie.


Lie number 2 

Hina shamelessly says that when they were discussing Arshi Khan’s bra they were just girls. She also adds that the conversation ended when they realised it was a nude coloured bra and no crass remarks were made. Lies again. Hina was sitting with Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma during that conversation. In fact, she was the one who asked the boys to look at her bra. She even said that Arshi is deliberately wearing such a bra.

Remember this moment? Yep, the three of them are actually discussing Arshi’s lingerie here.

bigg boss

Check out the clip here:

Check out the link to the episode here. The talk happens at the beginning of the episode.

Well, these won’t  be the only lies Hina Khan has said on the show. Remember the time when she outright lied that it was not her plan to get down from the rocket in the BB Space Task?

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Not just a chocolate boy, these pics prove that Naga Chaitanya is also HOT! – view pics

All he has to do is smile and you will be charmed. There is something very adorable about this Telugu actor you can’t help liking. Even if you haven’t known him, he will catch your eye. He might the be the son of a veteran actor and a grandson of an even bigger actor,  and also a husband to a popular actress, but this man is already beginning to hold his own ground. WE are talking about Naga Chaitanya ak Chaitanya Akkineni. He is what you call goofy, adorable and the ultimate chocolate boy  but today on his birthday we want to talk about another side to him! If you haven’t noticed, Naga Chaitanya is one of the fittest actors in Tollywood.  He is effortlessly fit. Tht also makes very hot! Yeah, the otherwise known chocolate boy is HOT! His wife, also actress Samantha Ruth Prabhu also thinks so. One of stories also mentioned it – Pasta and a hot husband, what else does anybody need? Well, we know what you are talking. So let’s show you Naga Chaitanya’s HOT side today: Also Read: Savyasachi New Poster: Naga Chaitanya’s first look is giving out some serious intense vibes

Now, who can pull off a suit like that?


He can make casual look hot!


The suave yet hot look again!


Hot damn!


The ultimate biker boy!


While Samantha Ruth Prabhu looked mesmerising at the wedding, we couldn’t help but swoon over Naga Chaitanya!


Candid yet hot much?


Naga Chaitanya is currently shooting for Savyasachi, his second film with Chandoo Moneti after Premam. His first look was out on the eve of his birthday. While it was nothing dramatic, we are curious all the same considering it’s a Chandoo Moneti film. Also the movie stars R Madhavan. All in all it sounds like an exciting project. Naga Chaitanya was last seen in Yuddham sharam that opened to average reviews. He was also part of Rakul Preet Singh’s Rarandoi Veduka Chuddam.

Bigg Boss 11: When Arshi Khan couldn’t stop flirting with Hiten Tejwani – watch video

No matter what people in the Bigg Boss 11 house say, Arshi Khan will still harmlessly flirt with Hiten Tejwani and it’s more cute than annoying. Arshi flirting with Hiten is already one of the biggest issues in the house. But she still manages to turn a serious conversation into a funny one by flirting with him. The ongoing luxury budget task has contestants fighting with each other and is a total sob fest. But it’s not like that the entire time. They also have their light moments. In one of the unseen footage, Arshi tells Vikas Gupta that she wants to speak to Hiten.

Vikas escorts her to the garden and tells Hiten that Arshi wants to speak to him. Arshi also, very sweetly, says, “Suno Pati, chalo sula kar lete hai.” which translates to, “Let’s start afresh.” Hiten leaves his group (Hina Khan, Luv Tyagi and the rest) to talk to Arshi. Vikas then tells Hiten that Arshi doesn’t want to do the task anymore. Hiten gets all serious and starts explaining to Arshi that they must play the game properly. He gets distracted immediately when Arshi smiles at him and says that he is looking really handsome today. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: From being called a transgender to a slut, Arshi Khan faces accusations like a hero)

These two are the cutest. Even Hina couldn’t stay out of it. We couldn’t help but notice how Hina was kinda scared of letting Hiten talk to Arshi and Vikas alone. She intervened and made it very clear that she will not let Arshi talk to Hiten alone since she is his lawyer. While that was quite a spoil-sport behaviour, Arshi put a smile on ours and Hiten’s face when she called him handsome.

Arshi’s fan following is increasing day by day and Twitter is all praise about her. In fact, even Hina and Priyank Sharma fans have now become Arshi fans. She is surely winning hearts by just being herself on the show.

Coming back to Arshi flirting with Hiten, what are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more.

Bigg Boss 11 22nd November 2017 Episode 53 LIVE updates: Hina Khan says she cannot bear the house anymore

Bigg Boss introduced a psychologically demanding luxury budget task on the last episode. Things went downhill when Arshi Khan took to her heart, the comments made by Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma on her. She lost her cool and passed remarks on Priyank’s sexuality and even hints that there used to be dirty talks between him and Sabyasachi Sathpathy. The fight is only getting uglier on the latest episode of Bigg Boss 11.

We see Arshi Khan screaming and shouting. While Priyank, too, is upset that once again comments are being made on his sexuality. If you remember it was comments like that led him to violently push Akash Dadlani in the first week, which resulted in him being thrown out of the house. He screams at Vikas that same things are happening again. During the fight, Priyank asks Arshi to explain what she meant. Arshi warns him to not come any closer or else she will hit him with a shoe.

Bigg Boss ends the task for the day. Shilpa Shinde tells Arshi, that Sapna was passing personal remarks at her but she didn’t react, so Arshi should not have reacted. The fight continues between Priyank and Arshi.

Arshi calls out Priyank on his hypocrisy and asks him if he can roam around in short clothes and just ganjis why can’t she.

Puneesh and Bandgi tell Arshi that Hina Khan has said that once she goes out she will see what case is Arshi involved in. Arshi goes and confronts Hina. A fight starts between Arshi and Hina.

Vikas tries to mend his friendship with Priyank and asks him to behave properly. But Priyank refuses to talk to him. It is revealed that Vikas tried to make amends on behest of Hiten Tejwani.

Contestants wake up to the song Kambhakht Ishq the next day.

The house is clearly divided in two groups. Team Hina is bitching about Puneesh, while Team Vikas is bitching about Sapna. Hina says the most badtameez man inside the house is Puneesh Sharma. Priyank says that he knows audience must be laughing at Vikas Gupta because he is with Arshi Khan. Hina Khan says she is embarrassed by Arshi Khan and the way she conducts herself in the house. Another fight starts between Hina and Shilpa over breakfast. Shilpa tells Hina that she is not her naukar. Hina goes to the bathroom and cries over the entire thing.

Hina talks to Vikas and says that he knows the truth why Arshi Khan tears her clothes. Vikas tells her that those are Arshi’s clothes and she can do anything with them. He also adds that men roam around in their underwear so why is everyone pointing out Arshi. Hina says that she doesn’t care about how much ever cleavage Arshi shows, but she should not tear her clothes. Vikas says that Priyank roams around in his underwear. Priyank lashes out that he does that only when he is about to change clothes. He further asks Vikas to get out of the room.

The task resumes again. Vikas brings up the time when Arshi wanted help from all the women for Zubair Khan was making comments on her. He points out that Hina was supportive of Zubair which is why the relationship is strained between her and Arshi.

Hina defends herself that she sat down Zubair and tried to explain the situation to him.

Hina says that Arshi-Vikas said something very bad about her and Zubair’s relationship and she breaks down. Arshi says that where was she when Zubair said nasty things about her mother. Shilpa laughs and Hina says that when same will be said about her then they will talk.

Vikas next raises the point how Hina makes remarks about Arshi’s lingerie and bra. Hina lies. Arshi says Hina’s monokini was ridiculous but she didn’t say anything. Luv is called to the stand and he lies and says that the conversation was between girls.

Bandgi and Sapna rule in favour of Hina and Hiten.

Hina says that she can’t handle the house anymore.

Ishqbaaz 22 November 2017, Written Update of Full Episode: Shivaay and Anika’s share a steamy liplock in the hottest lovemaking sequence of the year

Ishqbaaz starts with Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) throwing red paint on Anika. O Jaana plays in the background. He walks towards her. SSO asks Anika (Surbhi Chandna) if she did not find this funny. She escapes from his arms and throws red paint on him as well. He gives her his tashan-wala look and they get closer. Shivaay rubs red paint on her cheeks. The couple exchange an eyelock. Laal Ishq plays and Shivaay caresses Anika’s cheeks. She unbuttons his shirt and smears paint on his chest. They do a mini dance of sorts. The song plays on and Shivaay kisses Anika. The floor is fully smeared with paint. Finally, ShiVika exchange a liplock. ShiVika end up sleeping on the floor in each other’s arms. Shivaay dozes off. Anika is awake and she murmurs something in his ears. She kisses him on his cheek. He demands on more kiss on other cheek. The bell rings and he asks her to go to her room. Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) and Rudra (Leenesh Mattoo) enter in. They see SSO drenched in colour. They see the floor and say we must clean the place before family members come. Anika too has showered and is feeling shy remembering that Shivaay kissed her. Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) and Bhavya (Mansi Srivastava) walk inside and they see her super happy. The three bahus hug her. On the dinner table, Shivaay has clasped Anika’s hand. Anika is eating with left hand. Later, Om also holds Gauri’s hand. Gauri and Anika are eating with left hands and Daadi points it out. Tej and Shakti asks them to explain what is happening? SSO and Om tell Rudra to shut up. Daadi starts laughing.

Abhay walks in and says you people have ruined lives. He says it is payback time. Shivaay tells him to shut up. Abhay says I knew you would be offended first. He says what I will reveal today will shock you. He says you all are bad people. SSO wants to hit him but Om stops him. Abhay says 25 years before, something happened, which you people hid from the whole world. Daadi asks what truth are you talking about? Abhay says the truth of Kalyani Mills. He says the mills were burnt and families were destroyed. He says my family died that day. Abhay says someone deliberately set fire on the mill and that person is in the room. He says you guys built the Oberoi Empire with the insurance money but now karma has caught up with you guys.

Shivaay and Om tell him it was an accident. Abhay says even I am an Oberoi and I know you people well. Everyone is shocked. In a room, we see Svetlana looking for the tape. She finds Abhay and the tape missing. Svetlana thinks that Abhay betrayed her and thinks of revenge. Abhay says I am Vishal Singh Oberoi’s son, Abhay Singh Oberoi. He says he is the cousin of the Oberoi’s. Daadi gets happy knowing he is the grandson of the family. She reveals that she is indeed Vishal’s son. Daadi says he (Vishal) was the son of my Jeth (elder brother-in-law/ husband’s elder brother) and was disinherited from the family. A flashback is shown where Vishal accuses Tej and Shakti of burning the mills. We see Vishal telling Daadi that they have committed sins. Tej convinces Daadi that her sons are not liars. Abhay says my father was an honest man and wanted to unravel the truth. He says he was also an equal partner in business. Abhay blames them for using insurance money to build the business. Tej says Vishal was dishonest and a cheat, which I why we threw him out. Abhay is furious.

Padmavati row: After Punjab and MP, Gujarat government bans the Deepika Padukone-Shahid Kapoor film

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Wednesday declared that the his government would not allow release of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s “Padmavati” in the poll-bound state.

“There is a lot of sensitivity in Kshatriya and Rajput communities with regards to certain depiction of history. We respect their feelings and with elections on the anvil, the state government does not want any controversy.

Besides that the law and order is also our responsibility, so we have decided that we will not allow release of movie ‘Padmavati’ in Gujarat,” he said.

Rupani also said that the ban was not only limited to the state assembly polls which will be held in December “but till the controversies subside”.

Asked by media whether he had seen the controversial movie or not before taking such a decision, he said that it was not required. “I have met several people who have expressed anguish and anger against the movie. It has hurt their sentiments bad and we respect their point of view.”

“Padmavati”, starring Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor and directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, has been in controversy since its making. Earlier, the Karni Sena in Rajasthan had vandalized the sets of the movie during its shooting, protesting the depiction of the queen.

Several organizations across the country have been opposing the release of the movie, whose release has been deferred.

Earlier, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had held that the film had “distorted facts” about Rajput queen Padmavati and would not be allowed to be released in his state, even if it gets censor board certification.

His Uttar Pradesh counterpart Yogi Adityanath had held the movie director responsible for hurting sentiments of Rajput community, while Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje government had sought edits in the film to remove objectionable sequences.

Asked whether this announcement by the Chief Minister of banning the film amounted to violation of the model code of conduct which is in effect in the state, state chief electoral officer B.B. Swain said: “I don’t know. I will have to check the matter and decide.”

Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa Shinde, Arshi Khan once again make fun of Hina Khan’s reaction after she destroyed her teddy bear – watch video

Bigg Boss 11 contestants are pretty unforgiving of each other. Remember, a few days ago Hina Khan cried like a baby when she had to dip her favourite soft toy in a paint bucket for a task? She became the butt of jokes for many housemates took digs at her overreaction. The incident isn’t forgotten yet.

In an unseen footage made available by Voot, you can see that Arshi Khan and Shilpa Shinde have once again made fun of Hina and her soft toy ‘Pooh’. They talk about how its been 7 days since Pooh left the world. Shilpa suggests they hold a terhavin – a ceremony marking the final day of mourning according to Indian culture for Poo. She even suggests what they should cook that day. They remember how Hina, Benafsha and Priyank Sharma made it look like a legit funeral of a soft toy that day. They have a hearty laugh on the topic. We wonder what would Hina Khan say when she comes to know about this joke. Anyway, things are sour between Shilpa-Arshi and Hina, this joke will make matters worse. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Ravi Dubey defends Hina Khan’s emotional outburst after destroying her favourite soft toy


Meanwhile get ready for one of the biggest fights of Bigg Boss 11, as Arshi and Priyank’s showdown will be aired tonight. After a task went horribly wrong yesterday, Arshi and Priyank passed insensitive remarks on each other. While Priyank commented on Arshi’s character, she commented on his sexuality. ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11 21st November 2017 Episode 52 LIVE updates: Arshi Khan comments on Priyank Sharma’s sexual orientation

Sayantani Ghosh, the ex-Bigg Boss contestant has slammed Hina Khan for the way she conducted herself in the last task. In fact, Twitterati is divided in two over the entire matter.

Stay tuned