Bepannaah, 16 May, 2018, show highlights: Will Aditya tie mangalsutra around Zoya’s neck?

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Zoya and Mahi return home. Mahi blames Zoya’s stubbornness and tells that the company will get destroyed. Zoya is upset. Mahi tries to make her understand that Aditya’s way is the only way. Zoya’s mother-in-law comes and switches on the lights.

Sakshi is tensed about the blackmailer and decides that she has to arrange the money. The picture falls from her hands. Arjun walks inside and she is tensed. Arjun ignores the picture and asks her about her health. She tells that she is sick. In the meantime, Aditya calls Arjun and he leaves. Sakshi picks up the picture and looks tense. Aditya’s mom sees it and is worried why is Sakshi acting like this.

Arjun gets ready and promises Aditya to let him know when he can arrange the money. Aditya asks where he is leaving. Arjun gives the excuse of his work and leaves. Aditya is completely relying on Arjun for the money.

Zoya’s mother-in-law enquires about the plan. Mahi gets irritated and leaves.

Noor praises her looks and goes to click a picture. Arjun walks in. He suddenly runs inside and Mahi follows her.

Zoya explains her mother-in-law about the bankruptcy. Her mother-in-law asks her to take the steps after a little thought. Zoya promises to keep everyone safe.

Noor is irritated. Arjun declares that he will work with RJ AJ today. While they start fighting, the producer comes and asks Noor to work on the desk as she is ready. After she leaves, the producer asks Arjun to stop the drama. Arjun declares that he will take some time to reveal the truth.

Zoya is extremely tensed and worried. The radio starts. All the four are listening to it. Aditya smiles and hears the radio. A song plays and everyone listens to it in their own rooms. They all smile. Zoya and Aditya say they both love the song while Mahi says she hates it.

Noor returns. Zoya’s mother-in-law taunts her. Mahi comments about her dressing. Noor leaves heartbroken. Zoya follows her.

Noor is crying and Zoya tries to calm her. Zoya says that she trusts her with all her might. She expresses her concern for Noor’s late night job. Noor gets upset and falls asleep. Zoya kisses her and decides to check Noor’s office once. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 15 May, 2018, show highlights: Aditya asks Zoya to marry him)

Zoya reaches her office and is worried how will she face everyone. An employee takes her to Mithilesh Ji. The employees start contributing money to save the company. Aditya watches them. Zoya is moved.

Aditya walks in and is about to say something. Zoya declares that she is ready to go with the marriage plan. She says that she will say the false and take the contract. Zoya is determined to keep the company intact. Mahi is excited and goes for the preparations. Zoya returns the money to everyone. Aditya laughs and Zoya leaves.

Mahi tries different sarees. Aditya declines her looks. She keeps on changing. Finally, her one saree gets selected by Aditya and others. Mahi is ready. Everyone waits for the contractors. Aditya and Zoya point out that the mangalsutra is missing.

Mahi imagines Aditya walking towards her with the mangalsutra and putting around her neck but her dream breaks when she sees Zoya and Aditya are fighting over tying the mangalsutra. Aditya and Zoya keep on fighting over it. The contractor arrives and says that he is not understanding what is happening. Aditya and Zoya are shocked. The contractor mistakes Aditya and Zoya as husband wife. He blames Zoya for not wearing the mangalsutra. He is angry and asks her son to take care of the matter. He requests his father to give Aditya a chance. He says that he will get into the meeting but before that Aditya has to tie the mangalsutra around Zoya’s neck. Aditya and Zoya are in dilemma. Zoya is not ready to wear it. Aditya is hesitant.