Kidnapping drama, fake pregnancy, bride-swapping – five TV tropes we want freedom from

The heroine rising from the dead to slay her enemies, the vamp screaming that she’s preggers; there are some cliches that simply refuse to leave TV shows. Every year, we feel the makers will come up with something new but sadly that does not happen. Here are five cliches that we need freedom from this Independence Day…

Fake pregnancy
If the 70’s and 80’s gave us the cliche of “Anjaane Main Bhool”, then fake pregnancy is something that is rampant in TV shows. When a vamp tries to win over the hero but fails miserably, the last resort is fake pregnancy. Recently, we saw how Daadi felt that Naira was (Shivangi Joshi) pregnant in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai and how Mansi faked that she was expecting just to get married to Anmol. Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi, Ishqbaaaz, Dil Bole Oberoi have all used the concept of fake pregnancy for various purposes. What is annoying is that the male character does not even remember the night when they might have made out with such results. And it is even more irritating to see how coolly the male lead takes on the responsibility.

Bride – swapping
It is extremely easy to switch places with the dulhan on the altar if Indian TV is to be believed. Incidentally, bride-swapping is one of the highest TRP raking mechanisms for any show. Uttaran, Naamkarann, Swaragini, Udaan, Sasural Simar Ka – the examples are countless. We wonder how the other girl manages to find that precise moment when she can replace the other one. We always thought that a would-be bride is always surrounded by a host of friends, cousins, etc and has a chaperone 24×7 on her wedding day.

Rising from the dead
When your enemies are relentless, you rely on the smartest of tricks, which is to fake your demise. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya) is the queen of this. She once died and returned literally from the funeral pyre. Even Shivaay faked losing his life in Ishqbaaaz. Like bride-swapping, this track also gets a lot of eyeballs, which is why special promos are cut for fake deaths!

Love triangles amongst siblings
We have seen how viewers are repulsed with the idea of an extramarital affair but are surprisingly cool about two siblings falling for the same man or woman. In Swaragini, we had two cousin brothers going crazy about the same girl while BFFs Iccha – Tapasya also fell for the same guy, Veer in Uttaran. We also saw how a loving relationship slowly changed into a hateful one as Chakor – Imli switched husbands in Udaan. Even in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, cousins Gayatri (Kanchi Singh) and Naira fell for Kartik (Mohsin Khan). A supernatural drama like Naagin too wasn’t spared as Shesha (Adaa Khan) and Shivanya (Mouni Roy) went mad over Ritik (Arjun Bijlani).

Kidnapping drama
Like bride swapping, kidnapping too happens any time any where. And the best part is that kidnapping seems to be the activity of first time criminals on TV shows. You surely do not need any proficiency for this.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai spoiler alert: Naina and Sameer to groove to the beats of Nainon Mein Sapna – view pics

A lot is happening on Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai. The show makes us nostalgic with the setup and the love story of the protagonists. Based on the real life story of producer Shashi and Sumeet Mittal, the show is immensely popular among the online audience and they are eagerly waiting to know when things will settle down between Naina (Ashi Singh) and Sameer (Randeep Rai). In the current episodes, we can see how Naina’s marriage has been fixed with Sharad and seeing this Sameer is trying to woo Sunaina. But soon Naina and Sharad’s alliance will end. It will happen when Sharad will misbehave with Naina and Sameer will beat him up. But it is still not known whether things will become smooth between the duo and they will get back together, but the news is that both will have the feeling to rekindle the romance. And in this urge, they will groove to the beats of Naino Mein Sapna in a dream sequence.

Yes, you read it right. Both will feel a longing for each other and will dance on this number. And guess what, they will be dressed just like the iconic Jeetendra and Sridevi from the song. This sequence will be indeed colourful and grand. Well, at least the pictures suggest so. (Also Read: Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai Spoiler Alert: Sameer to expose Sharad’s fraud before Naina?)

Check them out here…

PHOTO-2018-08-14-17-59-11 PHOTO-2018-08-14-17-59-11_1 PHOTO-2018-08-14-17-59-11_2 PHOTO-2018-08-14-17-59-12

In the current track, Sameer and Naina are separated. Even Ashi is bearing the brunt. She tells us, “I really want this track to wind up soon. I am fed up of crying. Whenever someone tells me, now you have to cry, I’m like when is the pack up. My eyelids feel heavy even after I reach home and they’re swollen on most mornings. I do not remember sad episodes of my life and cry because then I find it tough to get out of that zone. Of course, Samaina will meet but everything will happen in a realistic manner because ours is a slice of life show.”

Sumeet Vyas and Ekta Kaul to tie the knot in Jammu – read details

Recently, we told you that Sumeet Vyas will get hitched to Ekta Kaul on September 15. The actor who rose to fame with his stint of Mikesh from Permanent Roommates made his relationship official earlier this year and after few months, announced the marriage. In fact, their engagement news came to limelight recently. Now, according to the latest reports, the couple will be exchanging wedding vows amidst the green mountains.

According to the reports of India Forums, the couple will get hitched in the hometown of Ekta and it is none other than the city of Jammu. The couple chose the destination not only because of her hometown but they wanted to keep it intimate and a private affair. The sangeet will be held on September 14. We can imagine how grand it is going to be and obviously the lush scenery will add to the beauty of their special day. (Also Read: Sumeet Vyas pops the question to Ekta Kaul, but gets the size of the ring wrong! Here’s when they are getting married...)

Earlier, while speaking about his marriage, Sumeet told Bombay Times, “My family really adores Ekta. When we met her folks in Jammu, we were floored by their love and hospitality. We were like, let’s not try to compete with them. We are planning a warm and intimate wedding ceremony.” Sumeet also couldn’t stop praising Ekta and shared, “Ekta is not pretentious and she speaks her mind. She is honest and that is good and sometimes a bit taxing (smiles), but for most part, it is the best. I have never been so poetically in love before. We really care about each other and she has a lot of love to give. At first, I didn’t know how to receive it… I couldn’t believe that I was worthy of so much love. It’s only with time that I have realised that it’s for real and one day, I might be able to convince myself that I genuinely deserve all this love and care. Ekta has this innocence and that’s the most endearing part about her. I can’t believe when she says she has a crush on me because she is herself so pretty.”

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Bepannaah spoiler alert: Aditya to get jealous after seeing Zoya dancing with Arshad?

After the murder mystery, the makers are giving some special AdiYa moments to the fans. Since the show went on air, people have been eagerly waiting to see Aditya (Harshad Chopda) and Zoya (Jennifer Winget) get united. But kudos to the makers for keeping it balanced and legit. While many fail to make it clear, the makers defined the layers and at one point the fans started tweeting to see some close moments between the duo. While the viewers are getting visual treats, the makers have also made a point to keep the audience at the edge of the seats. Thus they have introduced Arshad (Taher Shabbir) who is playing the third wheel in the love story of AdiYa. In the upcoming episodes, a lot is about to happen. (Also Read: Bepannaah relief for fans as a creative confirms that Jennifer Winget – Harshad Chopda’s romantic saga isn’t ending soon)

With Aditya’s parents’ anniversary celebration, a lot of drama will happen at the party. In the earlier episodes, we have already seen how he asks Zoya to tell Waseem that she will decline the marriage proposal. However, in the upcoming episodes, we will see that Zoya will accept it and will try to ask Aditya if he is upset with it. However, they won’t be able to complete the conversation. But soon Zoya and Aditya will dance together and Aditya will feel happy. His happiness will be short lived as Arshad will come and borrow Zoya from him and this will make Aditya feel jealous. Soon Zoya and Arshad will share food from each other’s plate and Aditya will get furious. We wonder what he will do then. Will Zoya understand Aditya’s love and accept him? Only time will say.

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Gautam Rode gets cheated of Rs 2.11 crore by a construction firm

Popular actor Gautam Rode has alleged a real estate developer for cheating him and two others of nearly Rs 8 crore. The actor has already lodged a complaint with EOW (Economic offences wing) of the Mumbai Police. According to the actor, he along with the two others, had booked flats at an under-construction multi-storied building in Goregaon West. But unfortunately, the construction has not progressed after 14th floor since 2016. (Also Read: Birthday boy Gautam Rode looks happy as a kid as he enjoys on a swing in the lap of nature – watch video!)

According to the FIR lodged, Rode met the developer, Atithi Patel in mid 2016. He was informed by the developer that it is a 55-storey building which was under construction in Goregaon. The builder stated that he had all the needed permissions and promised to give possession by December 2018. Thus the actor booked 2,445 sq ft area flat on the 31st floor for Rs 4 crore. The builder asked him to pay a huge amount of Rs 1.5 crore and a monthly instalment of Rs 5 lakh after it. Gautam made payments of Rs 2.11 crore between May 2016 and March 2017 to the organisation, and Patel was the director of it at that point. The FIR further stated that Rode was given only a booking form but he never received an allotment letter. He repeatedly requested the flat registration however, no agreement was drawn up. When the construction got stalled after 14th slab, the actor demanded a refund from the builder, but he didn’t receive any. Patel’s representative informed TOI that builders never give refund after cancellation but they have asked Rode to wait. The builder also stated that the actor was delaying registration of the flat but they never mentioned the progress of the construction of the flat.

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Has the REDUX added to the charm of Nakuul Mehta-Surbhi Chandna’s Ishqbaaaz or ruined it? – Vote!

The makers of Ishqbaaaz keep trying innovative concepts from time to time. They tried their hands at spin-off first and now they have taken a new track and a unique concept, thus coming up with Ishqbaaaz REDUX. The concept didn’t go well at first but with time, it has struck the right chord with the audience. It is slowly reflecting in the TRP as well. It is one of those shows that gets love both from online and television viewers. Recently, in one of the interactions producer Gul Khan declared that every phase has a journey and the REDUX will come to an end soon. After this declaration, fans couldn’t take it and swarmed Gul with the request to not end this track and guess what? The producer is finally convinced with the idea and in a meeting with the team, has decided to continue with the REDUX. Gul took to Instagram to share the news and wrote, “Due to all the IB fans, the Redux is now not ending.” Indeed the IB fans have all the reasons to celebrate. But what do you think, this has added to the charm of the show or worked against it?

The makers have brought something new always, but has this twist affected the magic that ShivIka had created? Has it ruined the essence of the show or are you enjoying this as a fresh take? While we are liking some parts and disliking some, we want to know what you think… (Also Read: Shocking! Ishqbaaaz actress Amrapali Gupta harassed by flight co-passenger)


Meanwhile, for the uninitiated, Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika (Surbhi Chandna) have become friends and now, Shivaay will be seen throwing a gala birthday party for Anika. Slowly, Shivaay will be awestruck by Anika’s mere presence and will slowly fall for her. The fresh love story of ShivIka is gaining momentum and is loved by the audience.

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Shocking! Ishqbaaaz actress Amrapali Gupta harassed by flight co-passenger

Ishqbaaaz actress Amrapali Gupta is soon going to be back on the small screen with her upcoming show, Tujhse Hai Rabbta, which will go on air on Zee TV. The actress is currently busy promoting her show and is travelling to different places. One of her journeys turned out to be rather unpleasant as she faced something which no girl should ever go through. She took the morning flight to Delhi and on the flight, she got harassed by a co-passenger. The man sitting next to her misbehaved with her and she is traumatised by the incident. (Also Read: Amrapali Gupta to play a fun character in Tujhse Hai Raabta)

Speaking about the incident, the actress said, “I took an early morning flight. The person sitting next to me brushed his hand on my arm, but giving him the benefit of doubt, I told myself, it was unintentional. He looked like someone who was travelling by air for the first time. As soon the flight took off he started taking his pictures and videos. In fact baar baar woh mujhpar jhook raha tha, to click from the window side, where I was sitting. Later, when I woke up from a short nap I realised, he was actually taking my pictures on the sly. Also, his face was too close to mine. That is when I lost it completely and shouted at him, “Kya kar rahe ho tum? Sit properly.” She further added, “I was loud enough to catch the air hostess’ attention. She came running to me and offered to change my seat. Thankfully, that was the last I saw of that man.”

For the uninitiated, the actress has been a part of popular shows like Banoo Main Teri Dulhann, Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Qubool Hai and Shaka Laka Boom Boom. Amrapali tied the knot with Teen Bahuraaniyaan co-star, Yash Sinha in November 2012, and they even have a son.