Neil Nitin Mukesh Reveals Details About His Upcoming Wedding

Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini Sahay

Neil Nitin Mukesh and Rukmini Sahay

Neil Nitin Mukesh took everyone by surprise in October, when he announced his engagement to Rukmini Sahay. The two met during an arranged marriage set-up, and were apparently dating for about a month before their engagement ceremony. And now, during an interview to TOI, the actor has revealed details about the upcoming wedding: The two are planning on tying the knot in February of 2017 in an elaborate wedding ceremony. According to him, he’d prefer an intimate wedding at a temple, but in keeping with the wishes of their families, they’re opting for a more lavish affair. He will also host a grand reception for his industry friends after the wedding.

Here’s wishing them all the best as the wedding preparations kick off!

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Bigg Boss 10: Rohan Mehra’s father LASHES OUT at Om Swami for insulting their family

Om Swami Maharaj’s infamous antiques are a common sight in the Bigg Boss 10 house but things took a bad turn last night after Rohan Mehra, as a captain, nominated Om Swami along with Lopa Mudra, Monalisa and Nitibha. All was under control until Bigg Boss announced that Rohan’s captaincy has been extended to one week for performing well at the Luxury Budget BB gold mine task. All hell broke loose when Rohan allocated 2 punishments to Om Swami & jail to Nitibha.

First Swami lashed out at his ‘Prince of India’ and told him that he could become the captain of the house only because of his efforts in the task. But after being given two punishments – of eating two slabs of butter and of sitting on the stretcher for all time, Swami started hurling abuses and raising questions on Rohan’s ‘Sanskaar & Khandaan’. His choice of words and actions turned everyone against him. Even when Manveer tried to calm him down, Swami continued to antagonize everyone in the most inappropriate way. His absurd behaviour led to the contestants wanting to boycott him.

Later Bigg Boss called Om Swami inside the confession room and warned him yet again to behave inside the house. But that didn’t change his behaviour at all as he continued to get off from the stretcher again and again. Rahul, who had already been pissed with him, lost his cool and dragged him to be back on the stretcher. Bani too lost her shit, when he continued to question Rohan’s upbringing.

Rohan’s father who is closely watching every episode is surely miffed, ‘People do lose their sanity when confined in the house but never before has Bigg Boss witnessed this kind of insanity. Om Swami has crossed his line this time but good to see everyone united & standing against him. I’m hoping Salman will give him his piece of mind.’

But he’s also confident of Rohan being unaffected, ‘Rohan is a sensible boy. I was relieved to see him keep his cool & handle the whole situation without having to stoop down to his level. But it’s time Swami mends his ways before people start losing their cool.’

We informed you earlier in the day that this case is going to be taken very seriously in Salman Khan‘s court. In the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, he will take Swami Om’s case for not behaving appropriately in the house. ALSO READ: Salman Khan to walk out of the house in anger

Keep watching this space for more updates on Bigg Boss 10.

Bigg Boss 10 26th November 2016 Preview: Salman Khan walks out of the show in anger, courtesy Swami Om!

Swami Om’s villainous antics have made him the most talked about contestant of Bigg Boss 10, be it for his ever-changing loyalties or his derogatory remarks on fellow contestants. Neither warnings nor boycotts have been able to deter him from practising his ill habits. In the past few weeks we have seen him getting warned from Bigg Boss and Salman Khan. Previous weekend episode saw Salman lashing out Swami for passing inappropriate remarks on the females of the house. He pointed out that he is no one to pass judgements on girls’ characters or dresses.Salman also folded hands and asked him to stay in his limits and not to repeat his mistakes.

But despite of all this, Swami Om continued being the troublemaker he is. We saw over the week how he created a ruckus in the house after being nominated by Rohan Mehra,the captain of the house. He refused to accept his punishments and continued to offend other inmates. Even after being warned in the confession room by Bigg Boss, he passed comments on Rohan’s parents. This not only left other contestants irked but also infuriated Salman.

In today’s Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman will be seen grilling Swami ji for using foul words for Rohan’s parents. But Swami Om will continue interrupting him. Getting annoyed by this, Salman will walk out of the show. Swami has been offending too many people lately and it was high time that he got a good thrashing. Although Salman will come back, it remains to be seen what will be Swami’s reaction.

Also, Vidya Balan will join Salman Khan on stage to promote her film Kahaani 2 – Durga Rani Singh. We had also informed you earlier that ex Bigg Boss contestants Mandana Karimi and Gautam Gulati will come for Weekend Ki class and talk to the contestants and tell them where are they going wrong. Mandana will be seen asking some questions to Gaurav Chopra and Bani which will later become the cause of a fight between them.

There will also be an entry of four wild card contestants on the show over the weekend. The names of the wild cards are – Jason Shah, Elena Kazan, Sahil Anand, and ex-contestant Priyanka Jagga. We hear that they will be first sent to the secret room, where they will relax. The makers will most probably make them enter the house mid night.

Other surprise in store is that there will be no eviction this week.


Watch: The Thrilling New Promo Of ‘Kahaani 2’

We’re less than a week away from the release of Kahaani 2, the second film in the Kahaani franchise. The first film was hugely popular, and although this isn’t really a sequel – it’s a new story entirely – it’ll surely benefit from all the love the first film received. The 5th dialogue promo is now out, featuring Vidya Balan‘s character digging up some old secrets. Take a look:

Check out the other dialogue promos below:

So excited for this one!

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Dear Zindagi, Phir Milenge, Sangharsh – 7 times when Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar played supporting roles to heroines

Bollywood has always been accused of being a very sexist industry, someone who is proud of the male dominated movies it produces every week. Normally we have movies where hero bashes the bad guys and saves the girl, who swoons over him the instant his biceps flex. For some reason, we rarely had a heroine like say a Kangana Ranaut or a Priyanka Chopra to assert that they are not going t be just an arm-candy, but even they have fallen to the trappings of the male dominance in movies – like Kangana (Krrish 3 – a villainous mutant who suddenly falls for the hero), and Priyanka Chopra (Whatever Plan, Big Brother was supposed to be). Usually, Bollywood loves to serve testosterone fuelled flicks like R…Rajkumar, Dabanng, Kick and all.

However, you can say times are changing now. We had a Neerja this year, that was entirely focussed on Sonam Kapoor and Shabana Azmi. But can we expect Neerja, a film that could be the best of the year, be a blockbuster? Oh hell, no! Then there was Pink, a supposed women empowerment celebrating movie, that still needed a male protagonist (Amitabh Bachchan) to give the movie a happy ending. Sultan was often accused of showing the female protagonist of choosing domestic bliss and her indifferent husband’s happiness over her own career (something I slightly disagree… It was her choice to do so, and she was happy with the decision then). But yeah, things are changing. But have we seen films where Bollywood superstars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan or an Aamir Khan is playing a second fiddle to a female leads? Actually, coming to think of it, yeah…

Here are seven such instances where our leading men actually played a supporting role in the films, letting their heroines take the main spotlight.

Shah Rukh Khan


Movie: Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi is primarily an Alia Bhatt movie, where Shah Rukh Khan is in an extended cameo playing her life coach. Despite the teasers and songs placing him prominence, never expect DZ to be an SRK movie. He just plays an important plot element in Alia’s story, that’s it.

Salman Khan


Movie: Phir Milenge

This Revathi-directed movie has Salman Khan in a role that surprised me very much. One, he is not even the main lead, that goes to Shilpa Shetty and to some extent, Abhishek Bachchan. Second, he plays an HIV patient in the movie, something no mainstream actor has dared to do. Thirdly, this happened to be one of his most underrated performances with his death scene so moving that I dare you to remain dry-eyed at the end of it.

Ranbir Kapoor


Movie: Roy

With all the accusations surrounding her that she is an actress with limited capabilities, it was surprising that Roy was made around Jacqueline’s character. Of course, there is Arjun Rampal, the male lead, but the pivot of the story is Jacqueline herself. Meanwhile Ranbir Kapoor, the biggest star of the trio, was relegated to a cameo, which could turn out to be his biggest regret as well. Oh, wait! that’s reserved for Besharam.

Aamir Khan


Movie: Rangeela

Aamir Khan might have taken away all the claps and ceetees for his role as the lovable street ruffian Munna in this Ram Gopal Varma movie. But Rangeela was not his movie – It was Urmila’s. Rangeela was all about Urmila’s rise from a background dancer to a very hot debutante in a blockbuster movie. Both Jackie Shroff and Aamir Khan are a part of the rise, one the reason, the other her support and love. But yeah, we loved Aamir the most!

Akshay Kumar


Movie: Sangharsh

In Silence of the Lambs, Anthony Hopkins had around 20 minutes of screentime and yet he took away the Academy Award for the Best Actor that year. However when Tanuja Chandra remade the movie in Hindi and roped in Akshay Kumar in his role, his role was significantly increased and he was a man wrongly accused of his crimes, than a legitimate cannibalizing serial killer. Thankfully, the movie still revolved around Jodie Foster…. Y mean, Preity Zinta’s character. Love that song though, Mujhe Raat Din…

Ajay Devgn


Movie: Lajja

Lajja was primarily the journey of a woman, played by Manisha Koirala and the three women (Mahima Chaudhary she meets while escaping from her abusive husband. The men in the stories play supporting roles to these women, and jay Devgn is one of them. However his role as the Naxal-like dacoit is easily one of the best things about the film. Though Madhuri Dixit’s cheer-haran of Ramayana is definitely the highlight.

Hrithik Roshan


Movie: Fiza

Fiza was supposed to be the first movie Hrithik signed before Kaho Na Pyar Hai happened, so by the time it came out, he was already a big star. So despite Karisma Kapur playing the title character and the main lead, the publicity team gave more prominence to Hrithik while promoting the movie.

After ‘Dear Zindagi’ Release, Alia Now Misses Shah Rukh Khan

After the release of their movie “Dear Zindagi“, actress Alia Bhatt says she has started missing her co-star Shahrukh Khan.

At the promotional event of Singapore Tourism on Friday, the actress, asked about the experience of working with a superstar like Shahrukh, said: “It was a magical experience working with him. Personally, I’ve learnt a lot from him which I don’t want to share with anybody. I am really missing him today.”

“For the past couple of week, we were so busy in promoting the film. So Shahrukh, I am really missing you,” she said.

After 'Dear Zindagi' release, Alia now misses Shahrukh
After ‘Dear Zindagi’ release, Alia now misses Shahrukh

Sharing a memory of shooting abroad in Singapore, the actress said: “We didn’t have so much time while shooting for ‘Dear Zindagi‘. We went for dinner at a Mexican restaurant where we played all Bollywood songs while having dinner. We have lots of beautiful memories of shooting ‘Dear Zindagi‘.”

“When we go abroad we have our own team, but also need support from that place and the people. While shooting for ‘Dear Zindagi‘, it was raining heavily and we had a lot of work to finish. The Singapore team was so cooperative that they supported us in all our needs. It’s a pleasure shooting over there,” she said.

“We even shot ‘Badrinath ki Dulhania‘ there for 20 days but we didn’t feel that we are not in India,” she added.

Directed by Shashank Khaitan, and produced by Karan Johar, “Badrinath ki Dulhania“, starring Varun Dhawan, Alia and Gauhar Khan, is the second instalment of “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania“.

The film is slated to release on March 10, 2017.

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Amitabh Bachchan Starrer Sarkar 3 To Release On 17th March, 2017

The third installment of Sarkar franchise is all set to hit the screens on 17th March, 2017.

Sarkar 3 features Amitabh Bachchan reprising his role of Subhash Nagre, while Jackie Shroff will play the antagonist in the film. Other cast members include Manoj Bajpayee, Yami Gautam, Amit Sadh, Ronit Roy, Rohini Hattangadi and Bharat Dabholkar.

Revealed: Release Date Big B's Sarkar 3 Release Date
Revealed: Release Date Big B’s Sarkar 3 Release Date

Written and directed by Ram Gopal Varma, this political crime thriller is produced under the banners of Allumbra Entertainment and Wave Cinemas.

The first two films of the franchise have been successful and the third one too is expected to be taken well by the audiences.

Big B also has another big project with Aamir Khan, titled Thugs Of Hindostan which will go on the floors next year.

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