Bepannaah, 20 June, 2018, show highlights: Rajveer kidnaps Zoya; Aditya is left shocked

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Mr Hooda and Aditya are eagerly waiting for Zoya and her family. Finally, Zoya turns up with her complete family. Anjana welcomes everyone. Arjun sees Noor and tries to talk. Noor goes away. Mrs Siddiqui is happy to be a part of it. Mr Hooda sends Aditya to keep Zoya busy so that he can have a chat with Mr Siddiqui.

Arjun approaches Noor with a drink. Noor is angry and goes away.

Mrs Siddiqui can’t find Noor, Zoya goes to find her. Aditya follows her. Someone says that so many things happened but they didn’t cancel the Eid celebrations. Aditya shares that because someone told him what Eid is all about. He tries to talk with Zoya and make her understand that all will be sorted today. Zoya leaves from there.

Arjun tries to talk with Noor and explain everything but Noor puts up the volume of the speaker loud and leaves. Arjun lessens it and follows her. Rajveer sees it from behind and is confused. He decides to do all in her own.

Mrs Siddiqui sees Mr Siddiqui going up with Mr Hooda and is worried. She tries to talk but Aditya starts declaring something on the microphone. Zoya is amazed. Aditya declares that they will be celebrating life with the Siddiquis and calls Zoya on stage. Zoya feels uncomfortable. Aditya asks Zoya to accept his friendship. Zoya accepts in uncomfortably. Mrs Siddiqui sees Mr Hooda and Mr Siddiqui going inside the room. She tries to talk to Zoya but Aditya starts dancing on Rock and Roll and Zoya has to accompany him. Finally, she leaves the floor and takes a seat. Mrs Siddiqui spots her and tries to reach her but Aditya keeps on dancing with her. Rajveer gets the chance and puts the volume on full and says that now if someone tries to lessen it them the bomb will blast. Mrs Siddiqui finally gets to Zoya and informs that Mr Hooda has taken Mr Siddiqui upstairs. They go to him. Aditya is worried and runs behind them.

Mr Siddiqui asks why has Mr Hooda called them because he knew that it was not an invitation for friendship. Mr Hooda offers Mr Siddiqui 5 crore rupees to stay out of the case. Zoya comes and tears the cheque and says that she has promised Madhu that she will reopen the case and will do it. Aditya tries to interfere but Zoya is determined and leaves.

Mrs Siddiqui asks what has happened but Zoya leaves with everyone.

Aditya is heartbroken and says that Zoya is stubborn and he will try to convince Zoya. Mr Hooda asks Aditya to handle Zoya with patience and calmly as everyone is following them. (Also Read: Dev 2’s detective Dev Burman to help Aditya in saving a kidnapped Zoya from Rajveer in Bepannaah?)

Arjun is heartbroken because he always knew that Mr Hooda was always like this but he feels disappointed that Aditya has become like this.

Zoya and everyone is determined to leave but Arjun stops them. Arjun shares that he didn’t know about anything. He has some proof so that he can save Zoya and Aditya without any other claims. Zoya asks his family to leave and he decides to wait for Arjun.

Mr Hooda asks Aditya to go and convince Zoya. Aditya goes.

Rajveer is talking to someone and explaining that once someone lowers the volume and the bomb will blast, Zoya sees him. Before Zoya can say anything, Rajveer puts his hand on Zoya’s mouth and takes her behind the bush. Arjun comes with Pooja’s diary and searches for Zoya. But Rajveer hides Zoya behind the bush. Zoya feels helpless.

Mr Siddiqui is tired of waiting and can’t trust anyone. Noor goes to search for her.

Aditya asks Arjun where Zoya is. Arjun tries to blame Aditya but the latter asks where Zoya is. Arjun says that he saw her outside but doesn’t know where she is. Aditya goes outside.

Rajveer tries to stop Zoya but she runs away.

Noor searches for Zoya. She meets Aditya and both ask about Zoya. Zoya comes running and asks Aditya for help. In between, a car comes and kidnaps Zoya. Aditya runs behind the car. The car leaves and Aditya is shocked.

Dev 2’s detective Dev Burman to help Aditya in saving a kidnapped Zoya from Rajveer in Bepannaah?

Colors TV’s Bepannaah is soon going to offer a lot of drama and action to audience in the upcoming episodes. This daily soap is constantly keeping the viewers at the edge of the seat and in the coming episodes, something more interesting is going to happen. Lastly, the show featured an intense courtroom drama where Mr Hooda (Rajesh Khatter) proved Aditya (Harshad Chopda) and Zoya (Jennifer Winget) innocent, and Yash (Sehban Azim), guilty of the murder. While Zoya couldn’t take it and Madhu (Shweta Gautam) suffered from a heart attack, the former decides to reopen the case. Moreover, she goes and has a showdown at Aditya’s place. Zoya and Aditya’s friendship hits a roadblock but the latter’s parents decide to have a reunion between the duo by calling them at the Eid celebrations. In the upcoming episodes, something extreme is going to happen that will make you more eager for the show.

As we already informed you that during the Eid celebration, Rajveer (Apurva Agnihotri) will kidnap Zoya, dressed as a person from sound system department. Taking the advantage of Zoya’s health conditions he will try to suffocate her and drown her in a tank. He won’t stop here and call Aditya and inform about Zoya’s kidnapping. He will also share that he has planted a bomb at Hooda mansion. Eventually, Rajveer will give two options to Aditya to choose from. Either he can save Zoya or his family. While he will be in a dilemma, latest reports of India Forums suggest that detective Dev Burman (Ashish Chowdhary) from Dev 2 will come forward to help. Thus these two shows will have an integration and while Aditya will save his family, Dev will go to save Zoya. Finally, Aditya will join him. Some reports also suggest that Zoya will find a gun and she will shoot Rajveer to end this fuss. Now, we have to wait and watch what will happen next. (Also Read: Bepannaah spoiler alert: Zoya to shoot Rajveer to save Aditya)

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Bepannaah, 14 June, 2018, show highlights: Aditya declares that if Mr Hooda doesn’t save him and Zoya together, he will take the responsibility of the murder

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, the defence calls Rajveer next as the witness. Rajveer comes up smiling and takes the oath. The defence starts questioning and asks him when he realised that Zoya and Aditya have killed Yash and Pooja. Rajveer says that he knew always because they denied of knowing each other. Rajveer puts forward a video from the mall from Missouri where they were spotted shopping together. They see that Zoya and Aditya were buying together and Rajveer says that they knew them. Mr Hooda asks Aditya what is this. Aditya gets angry and shouts out that Rajveer is showing a wrong thing. Zoya remembers that how they met and fought over the single thing and what happened. Rajveer says that Zoya and Aditya were planning Yash and Pooja’s murder, while the latter was busy having an affair. Zoya breaks down and screams to the judge to stop humiliating and discussing their personal lives. Mr Hooda interferes and asks for forgiveness from the judge. He asks Zoya to control her emotions. The defence asks Rajveer to leave. He calls Mr Dheeraj Pandey to the witness box. Aditya remembers that he has seen him on the flight. The defence tries to mislead the witness and thus Mr Hooda interferes. He says that he got a heart attack and thus he had to do an emergency landing at Dehradun. The defence asks Aditya’s co-pilot at the witness box. He comes and says that Aditya forcibly landed at Dehradun despite knowing that it was a mere chest pain. The defence says that they planned it all and thus he had to get down at Dehradun. Aditya and Zoya are broken. Mahi and Rajveer rejoice. Arjun is intrigued and says to Mr Hooda that the judge is getting influenced. The session ends and the judge says that the defence will put the records next day. Mr Hooda promises to Aditya that he will win it anyhow. Mr and Mrs Siddiqui are tensed. Mr Hooda says that he will do a miracle and save Aditya. Rajveer mocks.

Rajveer says that Zoya should have told about Mahi’s betrayal. Zoya says that she is worried about Aditya. He says that he knows Mr Hooda will save him. The police comes and says that someone has come to meet Aditya.

Aditya meets Mr Hooda. Aditya asks whether he will save him or not. Mr Hooda remembers how Aditya told him the same thing in his childhood. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 13 June, 2018, show highlights: Will Mr Hooda be able to save Zoya and Aditya from Yash and Pooja’s murder trial?)

Arjun gives Pooja’s diary to Mr Hooda. Arjun tries to say that he stole it from Missouri, but Mr Hooda stops him. He asks Arjun to go and talk with Aditya. He gives the diary to his employee and asks him to do what he has to do. The employee leaves.

Arjun calls Mr Hooda and says that Aditya is stressed and he needs to see him. Mr Hooda comes and it is revealed that Arjun has met the employee and have learnt that Mr Hooda will withdraw from fighting Zoya’s case and he will put all the blames on her. Arjun is angry and says that he can’t believe Mr Hooda is doing this. Mr Hooda asks who Zoya is to Aditya. Aditya remembers that Zoya said that she believes they are together and she trusts them. Thus he says that he can’t see an innocent Zoya getting punished. He says that Mr hooda has only two options. Either he can save them together or else he will take the resposibilities of the murders. Arjun tries to stop him but Aditya is determined.

Bepannaah, 13 June, 2018, show highlights: Will Mr Hooda be able to save Zoya and Aditya from Yash and Pooja’s murder trial?

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Mr Hooda says that he believes that Aditya can never harm Pooja. He asks if Zoya has any questions to ask him. Zoya says she has no questions. Mr Hooda asks them to share what happened on that day. He says that their statements have to be the same. Zoya and Aditya start sharing all.

Zoya and Aditya reach the court. Zoya hugs her family. Aditya asks about Anjana. Mr Hooda says that he asked him to stay at home because she won’t be able to take it. Rajveer asks them to take seats. They sit down.

Mahi comes with Madhu. Rajveer enquires if everything is okay or not. Mahi nodes.

They get inside and take the seats. The judge asks to start the proceedings. The defence starts claiming that Zoya and Aditya have taken revenge after they came to know that Yash and Pooja were having an affair. He also mentioned that Yash and Pooja already signed for divorce papers. The judge sees the papers and asks him to continue. He says that they met before the murder and planned everything. He also says that Aditya and Zoya already started having affair and that is why they killed them. Mr Hooda objects about it. The defence says that he has evidence. He calls Mahi and enquires. Mahi stars telling that Zoya never kept any connection to her or Madhu. It was only after Yash’s death she came and started staying with them. Mahi says that Zoya and Aditya have spent nights together and they always clung to each other. She shares about their fake marriage. She goes and takes the seat. The defence presents the fake marriage pictures. Arjun asks if Aditya wants to ask something to Mahi. Aditya says he will have a showdown later. The judge declares a recess.

Aditya asks Zoya to confess that Mahi proposed Aditya and as he declined his proposal, she is doing all these. Zoya says she can’t hurt Madhu. Mr Hooda comes and says that Zoya has to do it. Zoya declines. Madhu hears all from behind. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 12 June, 2018, show highlights: Mr Hooda meets Zoya and Aditya before the trial)

Noor screams at Mahi for doing all these. Arjun comes and stops Noor. She is angry on Arjun and calls him a liar and leaves.

While Zoya is going, Aditya holds her back and asks if she believes him or not. Zoya says he believes him.

Mr Hooda asks Zoya about her decision. Aditya stops him and says Zoya is stubborn. The defence calls Madhu for the witness. Zoya and Aditya are tensed. Madhu comes and starts answering. Madhu says that she believes in her eyes and she has seen Zoya and Aditya marrying each other. The defence asks to tell the truth that they have killed her son. Madhu says that she knows that Zoya and Aditya have not killed Yash and Pooja. Aditya and Zoya are relieved. Mahi and Rajveer are disappointed. The defence asks the question again and Madhu says that she doesn’t know if they have any relationship or not but she knows that Zoya has not killed Yash.

Mr Hooda takes over. He says that all wife-daughter in law is not bad. Zoya is relieved. Mahi gets angry and fights with Madhu. Madhu says that whatever is happening, she believes that Zoya has not killed Yash. Mahi is disappointed. Madhu says whatever she is doing, she won’t blame her for not doing something. Mahi is angry. Mr Hooda sees that Rajveer receives an envelope and fears what is it.

Bepannaah, 12 June, 2018, show highlights: Mr Hooda meets Zoya and Aditya before the trial

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, an employee comes and tells Mr Hooda that the trail will be held tomorrow. He also says that Rajveer has not submitted the details yet. Mr Hooda is tensed. Arjun asks him to extend the trial date. Mr Hooda scolds Arjun for being stupid because then Aditya will stay in the jail and Rajveer can torture him. He says that he needs to take the case to the court and then only prove something. Arjun is worried. Mr Hooda expects Rajveer to reveal all on the first day and then he can take it under him and do the proceedings. Arjun warns him as they don’t have any proves against Rajveer and they don’t know what will Rajveer put forward infront of the judge. Anjana comes and says she needs to talk with Mr Hooda. he denies but follows her afterwards.

Zoya and Aditya are locked in the jail. They remember all the moments and how they have tried to flee but ended up there.

Sakshi calls Arjun and enquires about all. Arjun asks her to calm down and sees Mr Hooda and Anjana having a heated conversation. He wonders what is happening. Sakshi asks him to call anytime they need her. Arjun goes to know what is happening.

When Arjun reaches, he hears that Mr Hooda is consoling Anjana for sharing all the truth with him.

Aditya asks for forgiveness from Zoya. Zoya says why is he being sorry. Zoya says that he doesn’t need to be because the women were being cruel. Aditya says that it is all because of him. He only made Zoya end up here. Zoya says that it is her decision and she doesn’t repent it. Aditya asks what has happened. Zoya says about his ankle twist. Aditya asks Zoya to twist it on her own just like he did it on the cricket match. Zoya says she can’t. Aditya motivates her. Zoya is about to do it, Rajveer comes and taunts them. He declares that they will have the hearing tomorrow.

Arjun is studying the case. He gets hold of Pooja’s diary and thinks that as Rajveer has all evidence against Zoya and Aditya then the diary may help him. He reads a line where Pooja has written how bad she feels when she sees Aditya. He feels guilty as she has something with Yash. Arjun thinks of quoting the line. The servant comes and says that Siddiqui family has come to meet them. He leaves to meet them. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 11 June, 2018, LIVE Written Update: Aditya requests Mr Hooda to save him and Zoya)

Siddiqui is asking Mr Hooda to save Zoya. Arjun comes down and sees Noor. Mr Hooda says that Aditya is his son and he will do anything to save him and Zoya is her client. Mr Siddiqui goes to give him a ransom for the case but he denies. Anjana comes down and abuses Mr Siddiqui for the money and blames Zoya for doing everything. She says that Zoya is abusing Aditya. Everyone is stunned. Mr Hooda stops her and asks Arjun to take her inside. Arjun looks at Noor while leaving. Mr Hooda apologises for Anjana and says that in past days something has happened that has compelled her to blame Zoya. Mr Hooda asks Mr Siddiqui to pray so that Zoya and Aditya get out of the mess. Noor goes to book a cab. Mrs Siddiqui tries to say that whether it will be right for them to let Mr Hooda fight Zoya’s case because Anjana has so much hatred. Mr Siddiqui says that they have no other options.

Mr Hooda goes and asks Zoya and Aditya to stay calm in the situation. He says that he will try to keep them away from the court. Aditya asks Mr Hooda why didn’t he asked him ever that whether he killed Pooja or not. Zoya is shocked.

Bepannaah, 11 June, 2018, LIVE Written Update: Aditya requests Mr Hooda to save him and Zoya

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Mr Hooda gets impatient and asks the police officer where Aditya is. Anjana asks Arjun to know about Aditya from the police. Arjun pleads to the police to know about Aditya. Mr Hooda asks him to be stern and ask them otherwise they will take his advantage. Arjun agrees and goes inside. Zoya’s family arrives and asks the police about Zoya. Rajveer comes and says that before Aditya and Zoya, they should meet each other. He introduces them to each other. Noor is shocked to see Arjun there and she finds out that he is Aditya’s brother. Rajveer is satisfied to see them humiliated.

Zoya is in pain. Aditya is hurt. They look at each other and try to comfort each other.

Mahi shows her sympathy to the employees. She says that everyone has lost their job because of Aditya and Zoya. Madhu listens to everything. Mahi asks the employees to say everything to the police otherwise they will be in trouble. The employees say that despite being children of rich people, Zoya and Aditya have looked after the company to protect the employees. So they will never get against them. They leave. Mahi is agitated.

Anjana and Mr Hooda come and see Aditya hurt. They scream at Rajveer and charge him of custodial violence. Rajveer says that he has done nothing and they were locked with goons thus ended up having bruises. Zoya reunites with her family. they are broken and in tears. Zoya sees her father and is hesitant. She asks for forgiveness from her father. He hugs her tightly. Zoya asks for forgiveness but her father says that he was wrong as he left her all alone. He asks forgiveness from Zoya for having all the pain alone. They reconcile. A lawyer comes and introduces himself as the public prosecutor. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 8 June, 2018, show highlights: The police torture Aditya and Zoya in the jail)

Mr Hooda tells that he will arrange a doctor. Aditya calls Mr Hooda Paa for the first time. He is surprised and moved. Aditya asks whether he will save them or not. Mr Hooda is moved and hugs him. Mr Hooda promises that he will save his son. He says that once the case goes to the court, he will see Rajveer. Aditya pleads for Zoya also. Mr Hooda says that Rajveer can’t do anything to him. Aditya again pleads for Zoya and says that everything is his fault and not Zoya. He pleads to save Zoya for him. Mr Hooda says that he will do anything for him. They reconcile and Arjun thanks Zoya in his mind.

Zoya’s father talks with the public prosecutor and asks him to save Zoya. Arjun walks in and introduces himself. Noor is hurt. Arjun says that Zoya knows him and she nods. Arjun says that Mr Hooda is one of the best criminal lawyers and Zoya and Aditya have got into this mess together thus it will be better for Mr Hooda to fight their case. The public prosecutor also says that he should go with Mr Hooda and he gives time for them to think and leaves. Arjun also says that he will get in touch with him. He gives a look to Noor and leaves.

Mahi and Rajveer try to convince Madhu to give false statement against Zoya and Aditya. She stays silent. Mahi asks why can’t she do it. Madhu declines their suggestions. Mahi says that while staying with Yash, Zoya was having an affair with Aditya. Mahi says that she saw Aditya coming out from Zoya’s room and also they were having an affair in the office. Madhu is stunned. Rajveer asks whether Madhu will support him or not. Madhu agrees.

Bepannaah spoiler alert: Rajveer turns out to be Aditya’s half-brother?

With each passing episode, Bepannaah is making us more eager with the twists and turns. Since the show belongs to the mystery genre, the makers always need to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. While the moments between Aditya (Harshad Chopra) and Zoya (Jennifer Winget) are romantic to another level, the makers are doing everything they can to keep the thrill intact. From the marriage drama to Rajveer (Apurva Agnihotri) arresting Aditya, the show is impressing us every moment. According to the latest reports, Aditya will have a grand grihapravesh with Zoya and Rajveer will be suspended. Rumours are rife that the latter has some connection with the Hooda family.

If you are an avid fan of daily soaps, you must be knowing that the writers present innumerable twists and turns to make the show more interesting and also to keep the characters related. Bepannaah is also going to get one such twist in its upcoming episodes. According to the reports of India Forums, some close sources have been suggesting that Rajveer is the illegitimate child of Harshvardhan Hooda and half-brother of Aditya. There were many instances that highlighted the fact that Harsh had an extra marital affair and after facing some trouble with the other lady, he returned and Anjana (Parineeta Borthakur) accepted him. Thus are high chances that Rajveer is Harsh’s son and his hate for the family is also justified. The way he keeps on highlighting Harshvardhan’s powers also hints about his hatred for him. On the other hand, rumour mills are also abuzz that Rajveer may be the heartbroken lover of Pooja (Namita Dubey). Some theories suggest that he has come to avenge Aditya for first snatching her from him and now killing her. But only time will tell why Rajveer is so hell bent to prove Aditya and Zoya guilty for the crime they never committed. (Also Read: Bepannaah Spoiler Alert: Aditya to accept Zoya as his wife, grand grihapravesh ahead?)

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