Bepannaah, 27 June, 2018, show highlights: Zoya comes to know how Pooja and Yash fell for each other

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Mr Siddiqui says that Zoya is being stubborn. Last two times she showed her arrogance and married Yash and stayed back in Mumbai. She already knows what has happened for her stubbornness. Mrs Siddiqui stops him and says that Zoya is a grown up now. She must face her obstacles and let her fly. She says that they should support her and not stop as she has seen the urge in her eyes for the first time. Mr Siddiqui leaves. Zoya hugs Mrs Siddiqui and says that for the first time she is fighting her own battle and no one can change her decision.

Madhu and Mahi are watching the news where it declares that Rajveer has fled from the police. Mahi gets a call and goes out. Zoya walks in and says that she has come to meet Madhu and will stay there the whole night. She wants to inform Mahi about it.

Mahi is shocked to see someone and says that if someone spots her with that person then she will be ruined. Rajveer removes his hood and says that he has come there for Mahi. Mahi says that Zoya will throw her out of the house. She will even keep Madhu but not Mahi if she finds out. Thus Mahi is going to leave Rajveer and not help anything. Rajveer says that their enemies are same, he wants the Hoodas and she wants Zoya. Thus they need to fight together. Mahi says she can’t help Rajveer. Rajveer says that if she doesn’t help then he will bring her real face in front of all. Zoya searches for Mahi but can’t spot her. Finally, she sees her talking with someone. Rajveer blackmails her. Zoya comes at that moment and sees Mahi talking over the phone. She comes and says that Mahi can leave and she will stay back for Madhu. Mahi enquires whether everything is fine between them or not. Zoya says that nothing can be ever fine between them.

Arjun decides to help Zoya and give her the diary.

Aditya is having breakfast and Anjana is taking care of him. He sees Arjun going out and calls him. Arjun goes to talk with him. Aditya asks where is he going. Arjun says that he is going to the office for some work. Aditya says that he will accompany him. Anjana stops him. Arjun drops the diary. Anjana gives Aditya the juice to drink. Arjun slyly picks up the diary and goes away.

Arjun rings the bell, Noor opens it. Zoya comes out. Arjun gives Pooja’s diary that he has stolen from Missouri. Thus they couldn’t take it to the court. The diary has the evidence that Yash and Pooja loved each other unconditionally. They wanted a life together. Zoya remembers all the false allegations made by Mr Hooda at the court. Arjun enquires whether Zoya be able to take all of the moments of Yash and Pooja together. Zoya says that steps have been taken and she has to follow it. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 26 June, 2018, show highlights: Zoya goes against Aditya and is determined to reopen Yash-Pooja’s murder case)

Arjun leaves. Noor closes the door. Arjun says that he will always be with the truth and for now they must be with their family. He shares that he has a lot to say to Noor but this is not the right time. He leaves.

Zoya starts reading the diary. Pooja has written how Yash and Pooja met first in a recitation fair. Soon they met at a restaurant and became friends. She kept on reading how she gave Zosh company the contract for Yash’s birthday celebration. They became friends slowly. Pooja wrote how Yash and Aditya met on the former’s birthday. Aditya created a mess on it and Yash was the only person by her side. Zoya keeps on reading Pooja’s diary. Pooja has written how Yash has described Zoya to be different but not understanding as Pooja is. Pooja and Yash both shared what their partners lacked in themselves. Pooja said that if she was like Zoya then she will be complete. Yash says the same and wants to be like Aditya. Zoya breaks down and reads how they wanted their partners to be so different. Pooja told that at one point Yash told Pooja how fresh he felt after talking with her. Pooja shared her fear that she may fall in love but she liked it. Zoya breaks down.

Bepannaah, 26 June, 2018, show highlights: Zoya goes against Aditya and is determined to reopen Yash-Pooja’s murder case

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Zoya is in tears and asks Madhu to rest. She promises to return to her later. Zoya leaves. Mahi nods to Madhu.

The doctor asks the nurse to give another dose later and leaves. Aditya asks for forgiveness. Arjun says Aditya needs to rest now. Aditya says that this time Mr Hooda is right. Though his actions are wrong yet he is right this time as if the case reopens then their family will face humiliations. Arjun says that Aditya’s health is the actual concern now. The nurse comes and calls Arjun for formalities. Arjun leaves.

Mr and Mrs Siddiqui are worried as Zoya has not returned yet. Anjana and Mr Hooda come and ask for forgiveness from Mr and Mrs Siddiqui. Anjana says that she was only concerned about Aditya and not Zoya. She forgot that they are also her parents. Mrs Siddiqui says that everything is fine now. As Zoya and Aditya are fine so they shouldn’t worry about anything. Anjana and Mr Hooda leave.

Aditya doesn’t feel good. He calls the nurse by pressing the bell. Nobody turns up. He tries to move, Zoya comes and holds him. Aditya says the line from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and says that he used to say this to Pooja and she used to get angry. He says that he is grateful that they can talk again. Zoya asks what does he need. He asks for water. He drinks and shows his gratitude to Zoya. As she saved his family without taking care of herself. He says that it will be better to not reopen the case. Zoya says that they have some connection between each other and they will always save each other. They are connected through destiny. The wind blows and the window opens. She goes and closes it. Zoya says that whatever has happened if happens twice she will save them but cannot change the truth. Thus she cannot go against her own promise. She says that she can’t go against the promise made to Madhu. She says that she can’t break the promise made to herself. Aditya says that it is her stubbornness and nothing else. He says that whatever happens Zoya cannot change the truth. Zoya says that it is not only Yash’s fault. She failed to become Yash’s bestfriend. She failed to be a partner. Aditya is broken. Zoya says that it is not personal. Aditya says that it will become personal because everyone will be busy with his problem. He declares that if Zoya chooses to be with Yash’s family then Aditya will also choose his family. Zoya nodes her head and goes away. She sees Aditya after coming out of the room. Mr Hood and Anjana are standing outside. Zoya doesn’t say anything and leaves. (Also Read: Bepannaah spoiler alert: Zoya and Aditya to know the complete love story of Yash and Pooja?)

Noor comes and says thank you to Arjun in her own style. Arjun says welcome in her own style. He says that he can always save her by giving his own life. Noor blushes.

Aditya is pissed at Zoya. Arjun comes and overhears. Anjana says that she asked for forgiveness from Zoya’s parents and thought everything is fine. Mr Hooda says that Zoya has no proofs thus she cannot prove it. Arjun decides to give the diary to Zoya. He leaves.

Zoya’s determination has angered Mr Siddiqui. He says that this will only splash more mud on their self-esteem. Zoya has to face extreme trials and tribulations to prove her point. He asks her to fight for her life and not for the trivial matter. Zoya turns and says that for the first time she is fighting her own battle. She says that though it will hurt but she needs to prove that Yash loved Pooja and wanted a family and he didn’t kill Pooja. She says that she is hurt and she cannot get over it but she needs to fight the case. She says that it is not completely her fault and she won’t let Yash’s memories get worse. She says that she will open the case and nobody can stop her.

Bepannaah, 22 June, 2018, show highlights: Rajveer shoots Aditya; Zoya is shocked

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Aditya is surprised to see the pendant. He starts screaming. Zoya gets unconscious and is drowning. The screams bring back Zoya’s consciousness. She starts screaming for help. Aditya says that he has come and he will save her. Zoya sees a ray of hope.

Anjana and Mr Hooda feel angry after seeing Noor and Arjun talk. Anjana gets a headache and Mr Hooda goes to switch off the music so that the party ends. Noor spots him and tells Arjun. Rajveer is following them on the CCTV and is eager to see Mr Hooda going to switch off the music. But Arjun comes and stops him and Rajveer gets angry. Arjun takes Mr Hooda to take with a client. Rajveer switches the CCTV and sees Aditya trying to break the tank’s lock and save Zoya. Rajveer gets worried. Aditya breaks the lock.

Mrs Siddiqui is worried. Mr Siddiqui says that they have to leave the city because this city has not been treating them well. They say that once they find Zoya, they will leave.

Mr Hooda and Anjana speak throw their eyes and Anjana goes to switch off the music. Arjun notices it and goes to stop her. Anjana gets irritated but he makes Mr Hooda and Anjana dance. Noor and Arjun are relieved.

Aditya breaks the lock. Rajveer is angry. He tries to pull out Zoya. But Zoya says her hands are tied. Aditya goes inside the tank and releases her. He brings her out. Aditya comes out. They are too tired.

Rajveer is angry as he has underestimated Aditya. But he is happy that though Aditya has saved Zoya but he won’t be able to stop the blast.

Aditya tells that he will take Zoya to the hospital. But Zoya says that they need to go to the house as Rajveer has planted a bomb inside the music system. Aditya takes Zoya in his lap and goes to the car. They try to drive as fast as possible.

Anjana and Mr Hooda are dancing happily. The police come and stop them. Anjana goes and stops the music. Arjun goes to stop her but the music stops and the bomb gets triggered. Aditya and Zoya reach the house at the right moment. He goes and opens the flap and finds the bomb. He takes it outside. Zoya stops everyone from going out and says that the music system has a bomb. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 21 June, 2018, show highlights: How will Aditya save Zoya and his family from Rajveer?)

Aditya is confused what to do. Zoya and everyone hears a bomb blast and are tensed.

Aditya walks inside the house getting hurt. Everyone takes care of him. Rajveer returns and points a gun at Aditya. Rajveer says that he will ruin Mr Hooda as he has destroyed his life. He pulls the trigger and the bullet hits Aditya. Aditya faints on Zoya’s lap. Everbody is shocked. Rajveer tries to leave but the police grab him. He hits them and pulls Noor and points a gun on her head. Zoya pleads to leave her. Rajveer is not ready and asks the police to let him go. Zoya pleads to the police to let Rajveer go. Aditya holds Zoya’s hand tightly and she can’t move. Rajveer takes Noor pointing the gun and leaves. Everyone follow him. Noor tries to escape but Rajveer keeps on dragging her. Arjun sees her and signals her to stay silent. He comes from the back and hits Rajveer. Rajveer falls. Noor goes and hugs Arjun. The police try to arrest Rajveer. He brings out a small gun and shoots and flees.

The doctor takes Aditya on a stretcher. Anjana pulls away Zoya and holds Aditya’s hand. Zoya gets the flashback of the days when Aditya saved her. Zoya is stunned.

Bepannaah, 21 June, 2018, show highlights: How will Aditya save Zoya and his family from Rajveer?

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Noor is worried. Aditya runs towards the car and gets in. He can’t drive because he starts visualising Pooja and Yash. He is about to get out but he remembers Zoya’s scream and tries to start the car. He is determined. Noor comes and asks where is he going. Aditya asks Noor to inform about it to Arjun. Aditya leaves in the car.

Mr Hooda searched for Aditya and enquires to Arjun. Arjun is upset and says he doesn’t know. Mr Hooda asks him if he sees him then tell him that Mr Hooda is searching for him.

Noor informs Mr Siddiqui and Mrs Siddiqui that someone has kidnapped Zoya and Aditya has gone after her. Mr Siddiqui says that he will go to the police station and file a complaint.

Mr Hooda announces a dancing performance of Suraj and Chakor. They give a steamy performance in Kurbaan Hua. Aditya is driving fast and searching for Zoya.

Aditya finds the car that abducted Zoya. He starts beating the goons and opens the door of the car. He finds Rajveer smiling. He starts beating him up. The goons come and stop him. Rajveer declares that he has started a game. Aditya is confused. He asks what about his family and Zoya.  Rajveer says that Aditya has to count the time and then there will be a boom. Aditya is confused and guesses about the bomb. Rajveer gives him the option of saving his family or Zoya. He lives in the car smiling and happy. Aditya is confused and worried where Zoya is.

Zoya is tied and finds herself in a tank. The pipe opens and water starts filling in. Zoya cries for help. But nothing can be heard from outside.

Mr Hooda expresses his gratitude for Suraj and Chakor’s dance performance. Suraj and Chakor are happy.

Aditya calls Arjun and informs that Rajveer has gone mad and planted a bomb at the house and kidnapped Zoya. He shares the clue and asks Arjun to not stop the music ever. Noor calls Arjun and Arjun says that he knows all. He asks the DJ to keep the music running and not stop. Anjana and Mr Hooda see them. Mr Hooda stops Anjana from reacting.

Aditya reaches a godown and guesses that Zoya may be there because Rajveer hinted about something like that.

Anjana and Mr Hooda are tired of the music and go to stop it. Arjun stops them and says that he will dance with Noor. Anjana is shocked. He starts dancing with Noor. Noor is determined to help Arjun to save everyone.

Aditya keeps on searching for Zoya. Zoya screams for help. Aditya reaches the spot but can’t find her and feels he is not there and leaves. Zoya keeps on asking for help but Aditya leaves because he can’t hear anything. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 20 June, 2018, show highlights: Rajveer kidnaps Zoya; Aditya is left shocked)

Mr Siddiqui is lodging the FIR and the police is writing and writing. Mr Siddiqui gets angry. Mrs Siddiqui calms him down.

Rajveer says that he is going to take the revenge from Mr Hooda as he has done grave mistakes and keep following everyone through the CCTVs.

Mr Hooda tries to stop all. Arjun stops them. Noor asks about updates. Arjun calls Aditya. He says that he reached a place following the tire marks but he can’t find anyone. Noor says that Aditya has to save Noor because Rajveer is taking the revenge from Hooda family and Zoya is stuck in between. Aditya is worried.

Aditya can’t find his keys and goes back to check near the tank. He finds the keys and spots Zoya’s pendant near the tank. Aditya remembers he saw Zoya wearing it. Zoya almost drowns.

Bepannaah, 20 June, 2018, show highlights: Rajveer kidnaps Zoya; Aditya is left shocked

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Mr Hooda and Aditya are eagerly waiting for Zoya and her family. Finally, Zoya turns up with her complete family. Anjana welcomes everyone. Arjun sees Noor and tries to talk. Noor goes away. Mrs Siddiqui is happy to be a part of it. Mr Hooda sends Aditya to keep Zoya busy so that he can have a chat with Mr Siddiqui.

Arjun approaches Noor with a drink. Noor is angry and goes away.

Mrs Siddiqui can’t find Noor, Zoya goes to find her. Aditya follows her. Someone says that so many things happened but they didn’t cancel the Eid celebrations. Aditya shares that because someone told him what Eid is all about. He tries to talk with Zoya and make her understand that all will be sorted today. Zoya leaves from there.

Arjun tries to talk with Noor and explain everything but Noor puts up the volume of the speaker loud and leaves. Arjun lessens it and follows her. Rajveer sees it from behind and is confused. He decides to do all in her own.

Mrs Siddiqui sees Mr Siddiqui going up with Mr Hooda and is worried. She tries to talk but Aditya starts declaring something on the microphone. Zoya is amazed. Aditya declares that they will be celebrating life with the Siddiquis and calls Zoya on stage. Zoya feels uncomfortable. Aditya asks Zoya to accept his friendship. Zoya accepts in uncomfortably. Mrs Siddiqui sees Mr Hooda and Mr Siddiqui going inside the room. She tries to talk to Zoya but Aditya starts dancing on Rock and Roll and Zoya has to accompany him. Finally, she leaves the floor and takes a seat. Mrs Siddiqui spots her and tries to reach her but Aditya keeps on dancing with her. Rajveer gets the chance and puts the volume on full and says that now if someone tries to lessen it them the bomb will blast. Mrs Siddiqui finally gets to Zoya and informs that Mr Hooda has taken Mr Siddiqui upstairs. They go to him. Aditya is worried and runs behind them.

Mr Siddiqui asks why has Mr Hooda called them because he knew that it was not an invitation for friendship. Mr Hooda offers Mr Siddiqui 5 crore rupees to stay out of the case. Zoya comes and tears the cheque and says that she has promised Madhu that she will reopen the case and will do it. Aditya tries to interfere but Zoya is determined and leaves.

Mrs Siddiqui asks what has happened but Zoya leaves with everyone.

Aditya is heartbroken and says that Zoya is stubborn and he will try to convince Zoya. Mr Hooda asks Aditya to handle Zoya with patience and calmly as everyone is following them. (Also Read: Dev 2’s detective Dev Burman to help Aditya in saving a kidnapped Zoya from Rajveer in Bepannaah?)

Arjun is heartbroken because he always knew that Mr Hooda was always like this but he feels disappointed that Aditya has become like this.

Zoya and everyone is determined to leave but Arjun stops them. Arjun shares that he didn’t know about anything. He has some proof so that he can save Zoya and Aditya without any other claims. Zoya asks his family to leave and he decides to wait for Arjun.

Mr Hooda asks Aditya to go and convince Zoya. Aditya goes.

Rajveer is talking to someone and explaining that once someone lowers the volume and the bomb will blast, Zoya sees him. Before Zoya can say anything, Rajveer puts his hand on Zoya’s mouth and takes her behind the bush. Arjun comes with Pooja’s diary and searches for Zoya. But Rajveer hides Zoya behind the bush. Zoya feels helpless.

Mr Siddiqui is tired of waiting and can’t trust anyone. Noor goes to search for her.

Aditya asks Arjun where Zoya is. Arjun tries to blame Aditya but the latter asks where Zoya is. Arjun says that he saw her outside but doesn’t know where she is. Aditya goes outside.

Rajveer tries to stop Zoya but she runs away.

Noor searches for Zoya. She meets Aditya and both ask about Zoya. Zoya comes running and asks Aditya for help. In between, a car comes and kidnaps Zoya. Aditya runs behind the car. The car leaves and Aditya is shocked.

Bepannaah, 18 June, 2018, show highlights: Zoya says that she will reopen Yash-Pooja’s murder case; Aditya says he will support his family

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Zoya runs after Madhu to calm her. She apologises that she didn’t know about all these. Madhu asks her to leave her alone and goes away crying. Zoya starts crying and feels helpless. Aditya searches for Zoya. Mr Hooda congratulates him for getting free. Aditya hugs him and says thanks. Mr Hooda says that he will always save him. Arjun congratulates Aditya. They are happy. Rajveer stops them and insulates them. He tries to hit Mr Hooda, Aditya stops him. He says that Rajveer doesn’t have the guts to hit him. Rajveer tries to humiliate them again, Mr Hooda says that something more is awaiting him. He gets a suspension notice. Mr Hooda leaves with Aditya and Arjun. Rajveer is angry and tears the papers.

Madhu is crying and seeing Yash’s picture. Zoya comes and tries to stop her. She tries to make her understand that she didn’t know about anything. Mahi comes and insults her. Zoya pleads but Mahi throws her away. Zoya falls over Mr Siddiqui’s feet. He picks her up. Zoya is crying. Mahi asks her to leave. Mr Siddiqui stops her because the house is on Zoya’s name and they cannot throw her away. Mahi goes silent. Mr Siddiqui shares that Yash took loan from him and got this house. He blames Madhu for her children. Mahi and Madhu go silent. Zoya is shocked. Zoya starts asking Mr Siddiqui why he has not shared anything. They start quarrelling. Mrs Siddiqui intervenes and stops them. She makes Zoya understand that she was also at fault as she never understood how much Yash was struggling. Zoya breaks down. Madhu goes into a trauma and gets a heart attack and faints. They rush to the hospital.

Aditya returns home and Anjana welcomes him back. Everyone is happy and celebration starts. Aditya feels like a Kabhi Khushi Kabhie moment. He misses Zoya and texts her.

Zoya receives the text at the hospital where Madhu is lying on the bed. After seeing the text, she goes to meet Aditya.

Aditya is happy and Anjana starts feeding Aditya. They start dancing and celebrating. Zoya reaches there. Aditya tries to congratulate and hug Zoya. Zoya stops her. Zoya says that Madhu is in the hospital because she couldn’t take all the abuses on Yash. She keeps on blaming them. Aditya stops her and says what else can be done. Zoya starts insulting Pooja and Aditya goes to hit Zoya. Mr Hooda stops him. Zoya shows her extreme anger and says that she won’t forget it or not let Aditya forget it. She is about to leave and Aditya breaks a glass in anger. She returns and breaks all the glasses with equal anger. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 15 June, 2018, show highlights: Mr Hooda tries to put all the blame on Yash and save Zoya and Aditya)

Mr Hooda is worried and says that if Zoya reopens the case then it would be difficult. Aditya is also worried.

Madhu opens her eyes. Zoya says that she has always needed help to survive throughout her life but this time she will prove her credibility on her own.

Aditya says that he has learnt a lot and he is with his father, so nothing will go wrong. He says that he will now choose family always and he will stay with them.

Zoya says that she will reopen the case to be with Madhu and prove Yash’s innocence.

Anjana says that she and Mr Hooda wants to call Zoya and her family for the Eid party. Aditya is not ready. Anjana says that this is the only chance to get over the fight. Mr Hooda says that this is the only chance to win Zoya’s heart back.

Bepannaah, 14 June, 2018, show highlights: Aditya declares that if Mr Hooda doesn’t save him and Zoya together, he will take the responsibility of the murder

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, the defence calls Rajveer next as the witness. Rajveer comes up smiling and takes the oath. The defence starts questioning and asks him when he realised that Zoya and Aditya have killed Yash and Pooja. Rajveer says that he knew always because they denied of knowing each other. Rajveer puts forward a video from the mall from Missouri where they were spotted shopping together. They see that Zoya and Aditya were buying together and Rajveer says that they knew them. Mr Hooda asks Aditya what is this. Aditya gets angry and shouts out that Rajveer is showing a wrong thing. Zoya remembers that how they met and fought over the single thing and what happened. Rajveer says that Zoya and Aditya were planning Yash and Pooja’s murder, while the latter was busy having an affair. Zoya breaks down and screams to the judge to stop humiliating and discussing their personal lives. Mr Hooda interferes and asks for forgiveness from the judge. He asks Zoya to control her emotions. The defence asks Rajveer to leave. He calls Mr Dheeraj Pandey to the witness box. Aditya remembers that he has seen him on the flight. The defence tries to mislead the witness and thus Mr Hooda interferes. He says that he got a heart attack and thus he had to do an emergency landing at Dehradun. The defence asks Aditya’s co-pilot at the witness box. He comes and says that Aditya forcibly landed at Dehradun despite knowing that it was a mere chest pain. The defence says that they planned it all and thus he had to get down at Dehradun. Aditya and Zoya are broken. Mahi and Rajveer rejoice. Arjun is intrigued and says to Mr Hooda that the judge is getting influenced. The session ends and the judge says that the defence will put the records next day. Mr Hooda promises to Aditya that he will win it anyhow. Mr and Mrs Siddiqui are tensed. Mr Hooda says that he will do a miracle and save Aditya. Rajveer mocks.

Rajveer says that Zoya should have told about Mahi’s betrayal. Zoya says that she is worried about Aditya. He says that he knows Mr Hooda will save him. The police comes and says that someone has come to meet Aditya.

Aditya meets Mr Hooda. Aditya asks whether he will save him or not. Mr Hooda remembers how Aditya told him the same thing in his childhood. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 13 June, 2018, show highlights: Will Mr Hooda be able to save Zoya and Aditya from Yash and Pooja’s murder trial?)

Arjun gives Pooja’s diary to Mr Hooda. Arjun tries to say that he stole it from Missouri, but Mr Hooda stops him. He asks Arjun to go and talk with Aditya. He gives the diary to his employee and asks him to do what he has to do. The employee leaves.

Arjun calls Mr Hooda and says that Aditya is stressed and he needs to see him. Mr Hooda comes and it is revealed that Arjun has met the employee and have learnt that Mr Hooda will withdraw from fighting Zoya’s case and he will put all the blames on her. Arjun is angry and says that he can’t believe Mr Hooda is doing this. Mr Hooda asks who Zoya is to Aditya. Aditya remembers that Zoya said that she believes they are together and she trusts them. Thus he says that he can’t see an innocent Zoya getting punished. He says that Mr hooda has only two options. Either he can save them together or else he will take the resposibilities of the murders. Arjun tries to stop him but Aditya is determined.