Bepannaah, 25 May, 2018, show highlights: Mahi proposes Aditya

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Aditya is broken and lies down crying. Zoya is also broken and cries. But she refuses to give any sympathy to him because she has nothing to say. She makes him remember that Pooja has not signed the divorce papers but whereas Yash has signed the papers. Aditya wishes that it would have been good if Pooja has signed the papers because then he would have got the closure but he would always keep on thinking why she didn’t sign. Aditya is all broken and says who will help him to get better again and falls asleep. Zoya puts the blanket on him and goes and lie on the couch. Noor comes and knocks on the door. Aditya wakes up in his sleep and opens the door. Noor is shocked. Aditya wakes up. Zoya also wakes up and brings Noor inside and explains everything. Zoya asks him to leave. Aditya thanks Zoya for the last night. Aditya climbs down the window. Rajveer clicks pictures of them. Mahi spots Aditya climbing down and is worried. Aditya leaves. Rajveer is determined to bring the end on their love story. Mahi is angry.

Aditya is smiling while walking on the road. He asks for autos and taxis but nobody respond. Rajveer comes and calls Aditya. Aditya is shocked. Rajveer keeps on asking questions. Aditya tries to handle the situation. Rajveer gives Aditya lift till the office.

Noor and Zoya join Madhu. Mahi walks in and takes Zoya away.

Rajveer and Aditya are going and Rajveer keeps on taunting Aditya about different things. Aditya keeps on giving befitting replies. Rajveer wants to take him for a treat. Aditya is not ready but Rajveer forces him. Rajveer says that Aditya needs a tea because maybe yesterday’s night was very heavy. Aditya starts doubting Rajveer and says that he doesn’t look he belongs from London. Rajveer tells that he is a Mumbaikar and he went to London recently. Aditya asks his college and Rajveer answers. Aditya is determined to know all about Rajveer.

Mahi interrogates Zoya about Aditya. Zoya finally tells Mahi that Aditya was not in the good position and Madhu would freak out and that is why she didn’t tell anything. Zoya leaves, Mahi is speechless. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 24 May, 2018, show highlights: Aditya gets emotional and keeps asking Zoya different questions)

Aditya and Rajveer keep on taunting each other. Aditya tries to know about Rajveer and on the other hand, Rajveer keeps on mentioning how he heard of Zosh company from Bella. Aditya is suspicious about him. While giving money, Rajveer’s purse falls and Aditya gives it back to him. Rajveer sees his card has fallen. He catches an auto and makes Aditya leave as fast as possible. He gets a call and soon his card reveals that he is a CBI officer.

Mr Hooda is angry with his associate who informs that there is a CBI officer who wants to keep the case open. He is inquisitive about the case and keeps on asking. Mr Hooda asks him to stay silent. He further asks had the police taken someone’s statement. He mentions Zoya’s father. Mr Hooda is intrigued to know as Yash’s mobile had his voice message. He is confused.

Zoya is on call. Aditya takes her inside forcibly. Mahi is angry and gets a call from Madhu.

Aditya explains that Rajveer is doubtful. Zoya doesn’t feel it. Mahi walks in. Aditya keeps on explaining his doubts. Zoya is still not ready to believe him. Mahi tells them that they can search the site of the college and find out. Aditya checks and is stunned. Zoya leaves. Mahi asks if Aditya needs further help or not. Aditya says no.

Zoya is decorating and asks Aditya’s help. Aditya trips. Rajveer clicks their picture. While he is leaving, Bhabi asks him to click her pictures. He clicks and Bhabi wants to see. Rajveer declines. Aditya is suspicious. Bhabi gives Rajveer a tip of love. Mahi hears it mindfully. Rajveer clicks Aditya’s picture and leaves. Mahi decides to confess her love for Aditya.

Zoya searches for Mahi but can’t find her. She leaves to find her.

Mahi calls Aditya and asks him to meet at the back garden all alone. He thinks it is about Rajveer and leaves. Bhabi sees it.

Zoya is searching for Mahi. Bhabi comes and informs about Mahi calling Aditya at the back garden. Zoya is tensed.

Aditya reaches there and is amazed to see the candles and all the decorations. He is surprised. Mahi walks out in a red dress. Aditya is amazed. Mahi walks up to him and confesses her love to Aditya by giving him a rose. Aditya is shocked. Mahi makes Aditya remember his words and expresses that how much he has understood her. She keeps on expressing her love. Aditya is stunned.

Bepannaah, 24 May, 2018, show highlights: Aditya gets emotional and keeps asking Zoya different questions

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Zoya pulls Aditya and starts dancing. Aditya is amazed. She says that she will dance but she can’t kiss him. Aditya and Zoya start dancing. Aditya almost puts his leg outside. Zoya holds him. One couple gets eliminated. They start dancing again. Mahi dressed in a burkha comes and is irritated over Zoya for spoiling her love story. Another couple gets eliminated. they fold the paper again. Mahi takes a seat. Zoya is worried now what will happen. Aditya picks her up on his arms and music starts. Kalpesh and Bhabi fail to complete the challenge. Zoy and Aditya win the game. Rajveer is not happy and goes and says that they have beaten him and proved that they can go to any extent for the love. Aditya is worried why Rajveer is taunting them again and again. Aditya controls her anger and gets to the dinner. Mahi is ready to spoil the dinner.

Mr Hooda’s meeting gets delayed and he leaves to meet the client.

Kalpesh and Bhabi are feeding each other. Bhabi asks Zoya and Aditya to do the same. Rajveer also forces them. Aditya and Zoya are not ready. Mahi is irritated that Bhabi is constantly trying to bring Zoya and Aditya together. Aditya fakes a cough and goes to the washroom. While leaving he trips over Mahi and calls her Didi. Mahi is frustrated and asks the waiter to bring a cake. Mr Hooda reaches the same spot. Rajveer sees him and remembers that he called him for a meeting to bring them face to face. The waiter brings the cake and Mahi asks him to give it to Zoya. When Aditya comes back, he sees Mr Hooda. He tries to hide his face and puts his face on the cake. Mahi is disappointed. While everyone is busy taking a selfie, Aditya pulls Zoya out and leaves. Everyone is amazed. Rajveer laughs. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 23 May, 2018, show highlights: Will Zoya and Aditya kiss each other?)

Zoya is amazed. Aditya tells about Mr Hooda. Aditya starts sneezing. Zoya is worried. Aditya reveals he has allergy from strawberry. Zoya says she also has the same allergy. She gives a medicine to Aditya and asks her to drink accordingly.

Aditya keeps on sneezing. As it is not stopping he drinks it all. Aditya starts feeling dizzy and faints.

Zoya is going to bed. She hears some noise and picks up the vase. Aditya sneaks in and Zoya starts screaming. Mahi and Madhu wake up. Zoya is amazed and asks if he is drunk. He says that he has drunk the medicine. Zoya is worried. Madhu and Mahi start knocking the door. Zoya is puzzled. Aditya behaves as if he is drunk. Zoya hides Aditya behind the bed. She goes and opens the door. Mahi and Madhu are worried. Aditya comes out. Zoya requests Aditya to leave. Aditya asks Zoya one favour. Aditya asks Zoya to make him alright. Zoya is puzzled. Aditya becomes emotional and says what is his wrong. Zoya asks him to grow up. Aditya says why hasn’t ever Pooja ever told him the truth. Aditya cries and lies on the bed. Zoya is broken.

Bepannaah spoiler alert! Rajveer Khanna to catch Zoya and Aditya in a compromising position

Jennifer Winget-Harshad Chopra starrer Bepannaah is going high on drama and mystery. Though the show got a slow start, but it is picking up with each episode. Having a competition like Kundali Bhagya, that has been topping the charts for a long time, this show is managing to keep the audience engrossed through the episodes. To ace the TRP game, the makers have also decided to change the slot of the show. But that is not all, the show is going to give you a lot more than you can imagine. Going by the latest track, Bepannaah has introduced Apurva Agnihotri as Rajveer Khanna. The actor is playing a CBI officer who is hell bent to prove that Aditya and Zoya are the murderers of Yash (Sehban Azim) and Pooja (Namita Dubey). And the latest promo suggests that he will be successful. But if you want to know how he will do it, then we have the latest scoop for you all.

According to the latest reports, the person who is clicking Zoya and Aditya’s pictures in their intimate moments is none other than Rajveer. Now, if you have watched yesterday’s episode then you will know that today’s episode will show Aditya sneaking into Zoya’s room while she is trying to hide him from Mahi (Vaishnavi Dhanraj) and Madhu (Shweta Gautam). In this process, Zoya and Aditya will end up in a compromising position and Rajveer will be clicking pictures to use them for his benefit afterwards. Well, it seems Rajveer is on a spree to prove them guilty. This will lead Zoya and Aditya to unite and prove their innocence and thus Aditya will fall for Zoya. We can now guess how Mahi will turn a psycho lover in this process and join hands with Rajveer. Well, what will happen next, only the makers can tell. So we have to wait and watch. (Also Read: Fans choose Jennifer Winget as Maya from Beyhadh over Zoya in Bepannaah – view poll result)

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Bepannaah, 23 May, 2018, show highlights: Will Zoya and Aditya kiss each other?

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Zoya and Aditya are amazed to see Rajveer. He starts talking in a cryptic way but soon changes and asks if he has spoiled their game. Aditya says no. Kalpesh comes and introduces Rajveer and says he has come down from London to attend the silver jubilee of the company. He also says that Rajveer only suggested Zoya and Aditya’s company. Aditya is intrigued. Rajveer shakes hands with Zoya and she gets hurt. Aditya asks why has he come here. Rajveer answers that he came to find the truth. Kandi Bhai comes and welcomes Rajveer. He keeps on dropping hints about his entry. Zoya leaves to rub some ice on her finger. Aditya follows her.

Sakshi is worried and is in dilemma. She is worried because the picture depicts something else and she doesn’t know whether Aditya will trust her or not. Anjana walks in and asks what is she hiding. She hides the picture and says she went for a walk. Anjana warns her to stop doing everything because she doesn’t want Aditya to get hurt.

Zoya is in pain. Aditya comes and cures her. Bhabi comes and appreciates their relationship. Aditya leaves. Mahi asks him for dinner. At that moment Kalpesh walks in with Rajveer and says that Kandi Bhai has agreed to give the contract. Aditya is suspicious about Rajveer. Rajveer asks about their marriage, Aditya and Zoya manage the situation. Rajveer invites Zoya and Aditya for dinner. Zoya and Aditya are hesitant but finally agrees. Mahi is disappointed.

Arjun informs that AJ won’t be online today and asks Noor for dinner. Noor finally agrees.

Rajveer says that Kalpesh and Bhabi’s love story happened because of him. He asks Aditya and Zoya about their relationship. Rajveer says that he felt they are making the stories. Rajveer aks where they met. Aditya and Zoya tell that they met in Missouri. Rajveer keeps on asking questions and Aditya and Zoya keep on tackling the situation. Everyone keeps on asking questions and Aditya and Zoya keep on answering and managing. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 22 May, 2018, show highlights: Rajveer Khanna enters to make Zoya and Aditya’s life difficult)

Rajveer keeps on taunting. Bhabi appreciates Zoya and Aditya. The DJ announces a song where couples have to dance. Rajveer announces Aditya and Zoya’s name. Bhabi is also eager to join. Zoya declines. Bhabi takes Zoya and Aditya forcibly.

Zoya is worried as she can’t dance. Aditya is speechless. Rajveer keeps on following them.

The DJ announces paper dance. He asks once the couple gets out they have to kiss each other. Zoya is not ready. Rajveer comes and asks why they want to leave and if they are a couple or not. Zoya and Aditya say they are a couple. The DJ starts the music. Aditya and Zoya are worried. rajeev keeps on following them.

Bepannaah, 22 May, 2018, show highlights: Rajveer Khanna enters to make Zoya and Aditya’s life difficult

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Bhabi is stunned that Aditya and Zoya are so shy. Aditya opens his arms and Bhabi forces Zoya to embrace him. They are awkward. Aditya and Zoya hug each other. Someone clicks their picture. Bhabi goes away. They follow her. Mahi sees them from behind a tree.

Anjana is busy with a maid. Sakshi sees her while passing. Anjana is suspicious. Anjana gets a call and the person asks her to leave the house as early as possible.

The employee distributes the dresses. Bhabi explains how Kandi Bhai is conscious about the dresses of the girls at their home.

Aditya realises that he has worn the t-shirt wrong. he can’t pull it off. Zoya comes in unknowingly. Aditya asks for her help. Zoya helps him. Mahi is stunned to see them together. Zoya leaves in a hurry. Mahi tries to get close with Aditya. He leaves in a hurry.

Noor is waiting at the cafe. Sakshi walks in at the same cafe and wishes for everything to end today, as she can’t hide anymore. She goes inside the washroom. Arjun walks in. Noor asks him what to order, Arjun denies. Sakshi comes out and takes a seat.

Everyone is ready for the match. Kandi Bhai shouts at Bhabi for wearing the t-shirt. His son manages the situation.

Noor and Arjun are talking. Sakshi gets the call where the person asks her to leave the bag behind and go away. She follows the instruction. Noor sees her leaving without the bag and calls her. Arjun spots her. He tries to calm her down and help her with the bag. Sakshi picks the bag without her will. Arjun bids farewell to Noor and leaves with Sakshi. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 21 May, 2018, show highlights: Aditya declares he won’t help Zoya anymore)

The teams have a toss and Kandi Bhai team chooses to bat while Zoya-Adi team chooses bowling. The match starts. Zoya is scared of the ball, Aditya taunts her. Kandi Bhai’s son gets out by a catch taken by Mahi. Kandi Bhai comes for batting. Aditya reminds Zoya of the condition. Zoya praises Aditya, Kandi Bhai is impressed. Aditya delivers a ball again. Zoya praises Aditya again and compares Aditya with Sachin Tendulkar. Kandi Bhai gets angry. Kalpesh gets run out. Aditya asks Zoya to throw the ball. Zoya is bound to do it. Kandi Bhai is impressed by Aditya’s command over Zoya.

Mahi warns Aditya for not sending Zoya as she knows nothing about cricket. Aditya tells her that it is his plan to keep Kandi Bhai happy. Kandi Bhai keeps on hitting sixes. Kandi Bhai says that if a girl keeps on bowling then he will keep on hitting. Aditya shifts place. Zoya is determined to see Kandi Bhai return from the pavilion. Zoya delivers a ball. Both Zoya and Aditya try to take the catch but collides and fall over each other. A hand catches the ball. The man who was calling Kalpesh is revealed to be the man who has caught the catch. The man introduces himself as Rajveer Khanna.

Bepannaah new promo: Jennifer Winget aka Zoya, and Harshad Chopda aka Aditya join hands to prove their innocence

Colors TV’s Bepannaah is reaching new heights of mystery and romance with Jennifer Winget and Harshad Chopda. The fans were eagerly waiting to see the mystery behind Pooja and Yash’s death on the show unravel, but they also want to see the sparkling romance between Aditya and Zoya. While the current track shows how they are getting close through the different moments, Apurva Agnihotri’s entry as the CBI officer is going to take the show to another level. In the last promo, we saw how Mahi will join hands with him and frame the accident of Yash and Pooja, as murder. Moreover, they will frame Aditya and Zoya as the murderers. While the mystery is yet to unravel, the latest promo shows that Zoya and Aditya will join hands to prove their innocence.

While Zoya and Aditya are busy with the cricket match to get the contract to save the company, they have been pretending to be husband and wife. Yesterday’s episode suggested that Apurva as the CBI officer was already involved with Kalpesh, the contractor and planned all these. Today, he will make a dashing entry in between the match and probably soon he will join hands with Mahi and start the framing game. The promo suggests that Zoya and Aditya will be hiding from the police. While Zoya is dumbstruck at the situation, Aditya will say that they have to stay together and fight the battle. We guess, through the situations, Aditya will fall in love with Zoya and this will irk Mahi. She may then join hands with the CBI officer and then Aditya will protect Zoya from all. But only time will tell how all this will happen. Moreover, the mystery of the dairy and the accident is also yet to be revealed. (Also Read: Bepannaah Spoiler Alert! Did Sakshi hide Yash and Pooja’s affair from Aditya?)

Check out the promo here…


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As of now, the show has been average on BARC India’s TRP list as it has a huge competition against ZEE TV’s Kundali Bhagya, that has been topping the charts for ages. Thus the makers have decided to change the slot of the show and from May 28, the show will telecast in the 9:30 pm slot. Are you watching Bepannaah? Share your thoughts in the comments below. For more scoops and updates, stay tuned to BollywoodLife.

Bepannaah, 21 May, 2018, show highlights: Aditya declares he won’t help Zoya anymore

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Madhu spots Aditya at the house and is angry. Aditya makes an excuse and tries to leave. Madhu spots Yash’s picture lying on the floor. Aditya remembers that he had to hide it from Kalpesh. He says sorry and tries to put it back. Madhu asks her to stop and give everything professional. She asks him to complete his work and leave. Aditya leaves. Madhu picks up the picture and says that Aditya has already broken other frames and this is the last picture of her son with her and she can’t let anything happen to it. Madhu leaves. Zoya comes out and starts blaming Aditya. He stops her and explains how he came to know about Kalpesh and he came to save her. Zoya understands everything. Zoya tries to defend Yash. Aditya shows his anger as Yash has cheated her. Aditya says that she can do anything but he won’t be a part of anything anymore.

Madhu is upset over Aditya. Mahi calls Aditya as Adi. Madhu is curious. Zoya returns. Madhu leaves. Zoya asks Mahi, is Madhu angry over her. Mahi asks her to ignore Madhu. Zoya tells how Aditya has left and is not going to part of the act that they are playing. Mahi tells that Aditya will calm down and will come back and if he doesn’t come, she will make him understand.

Anjana is blaming Sakshi for cheating the whole family. Sakshi is crying. Aditya comes and stops her. Aditya asks what is the matter. Arjun also comes down. Aditya sees the bill of the jewellery and is shocked.

Madhu is upset. Zoya tries to calm her down. Mahi gets into the kitchen to bring pickles. Madhu asks Zoya to keep the prestige of the family intact. She leaves. Mahi returns and asks why is Zoya smiling. Zoya tells she is happy as Madhu trusts her so much. Mahi asks Zoya if Madhu comes to know about their plan with Aditya. Zoya asks Mahi to stay quiet about it.

Anjana is angry and keeps on blaming Sakshi. Aditya supports Sakshi and asks Anjana to stay quiet. Sakshi doesn’t feel well and Arjun brings water. Sakshi starts crying. Aditya gives Sakshi his credit card. Anjana asks Aditya to stop trusting Sakshi. Aditya asks Anjana how Mr Hooda is staying after all this. He tells that it is Pooja’s jewellery and she can do anything as she is her mother. Aditya takes Sakshi inside. Anjana is ready to bring out Sakshi’s truth.

Arjun comes running at the radio station. Chirag informes him that Noor is waiting inside. Arjun asks Chirag to keep Noor busy and he will manage everything. He goes and tells Noor that Chirag is calling her. Noor goes out and Chirag asks her to sign the register. She returns and finds Arjun covered in a face pack. Thus she can’t recognise him. Arjun asks Noor how does she find her coworker. Noor says that she doesn’t like him. Arjun says that she has the choice of being his friend or else forget about the internship. She leaves.

Zoya is eagerly waiting for Aditya as she needs to discuss the presentation. Mahi is angry over Kandi Bhai. Zoya tells that they need Aditya. The employees come and tell that Aditya is not picking anyone’s call. Zoya is worried. Mahi calls and Aditya picks up. Aditya tells that he has already bid farewell to Zoya. One employee comes and says that Kalpesh has been calling repeatedly. Aditya cuts the call. Zoya is worried. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 18 May, 2018, show highlights: Madhu spots Zoya in Aditya’s arms)

A maid comes and tells Mr Hooda that he has cleaned Arjun and Aditya’s room but didn’t get any papers. He thinks if Sakshi is hiding the papers or not.

Zoya starts the presentation for the company. Everyone is watching it. Kalpesh asks Kandi Bhai about it. Kandi Bhai asks about Aditya. Zoya is silent. Mahi says that Aditya is sick. Kandi Bhai is angry and blames Zoya for not being sincere. He asks Zoya to call Aditya immediately and sort it out. He wants Aditya or else he won’t do any business with them. Kalpesh tries to handle. Kandi Bhai is adamant. Zoya feels sorry how can she be insensitive yesterday. Kandi Bhai is ready to leave. His son Sumit tackles the situation and says that Aditya was discussing a match between the companies. Kandi Bhai is eager and asks to organise the match today and leaves. Mahi and Zoya asks why Sumit said so. Sumit says that Kandi Bhai has a weakness for cricket, thus they have to organise it and get the contract. Zoya is worried as she knows nothing about cricket. Mahi calls Aditya.

Kalpesh calls someone and says that they will give the contract to Zosh only.

Everyone is worried. Zoya is determined to win Aditya’s heart back and leaves.

Noor is determined to make friendship with Arjun. Arjun can’t believe Noor is calling. Noor asks Arjun for a coffee. Arjun asks Noor to meet at the same place where they met for the first time. Noor is irritated. Arjun is happy.

Zoya reaches Aditya’s house and someone keeps on clicking her pictures.

Aditya is relaxing, Arjun asks why. Aditya says he will stay at home for now on. Arjun is worried. Aditya wants to spend some time with Arjun. Arjun says he has to leave.

Zoya enters the house and tells the servant she wants to meet Aditya.

Arjun is leaving in a hurry. Aditya snatches his mobile and calls Noor. When Noor answers, the servant comes and tell that Zoya has come to meet her. Arjun cuts Noor’s call. Aditya is worried.

Zoya is eagerly waiting for Aditya. Aditya ignores her. Zoya is impatient. Time is passing by. Zoya asks the servant where is Aditya. He says Aditya is resting.

Zoya knocks at Aditya’s door. Aditya is lying on the bed. She walks in and shows her eagerness. Aditya says that he has already said bye. Zoya agrees that she was wrong. Aditya says that he knows that Zoya won’t bag the contract without Aditya, thus she is here. Zoya says sorry again. Aditya asks Zoya to leave. Zoya tells about the match and requests Aditya to go with her. She says that she will do anything as a punishment.

Everyone is arranging the cricket match. Mahi is shouting and telling that everything has happened for Zoya. Bhabi says that Zoya will definitely bring Aditya back. Mahi is angry.

Zoya can’t believe she has agreed to Aditya. While going, she breaks a vase. Anjana is angry and asks why is she there. Anjana blames Zoya for Aditya’s emotions. She blames Zoya for breaking the expensive vase. Anjana asks Zoya to stay away from Aditya’s life. In the meantime, Aditya comes and asks Anjana for stopping the drama. Zoya asks Aditya to behave. Anjana asks Zoya to stay away.

Kalpesh calls someone and tells that they are on the right track. The man says he will reach the ground on time. The man gets out of the car and says that he will reveal everyone slowly.

The employees are worried. Zoya enters with Aditya. Everyone is happy and goes towards them. Mahi is astonished. Kalpesh welcomes Aditya. Aditya taunts Zoya. Zoya is speechless. She remembers that Aditya has given the condition that Zoya has to praise him after every five minutes. Zoya starts praising him. Everyone is amazed.

Zoya starts shayari and Bhabi comes and appreciates her. Mahi is confused. Bhabi shuts her. She asks Zoya not to fight with Aditya. She hints about Mahi coming between them. Bhabi says that world wants people between couples, Zoya and Aditya are moved. Mahi is angry and leaves with everyone. Bhabi is inquisitive why were they fighting. Zoya makes up a story. Bhabi is persistent and asks questions. Zoya remembers how Yash asked her to take out at Hrishikesh for camping. She says the same. Aditya remembers how Pooja took him for a camping. Bhabi tells that they need to adjust to keep their marriage intact. She says that the partners need to know each other or else they will have extra marital affairs. Aditya remembers how he used to ignore going out with Pooja. Zoya tries to leave with Aditya. Bhabi asks them to hug and then solve the issue. Aditya denies. Bhabi is determined. Aditya and Zoya feel awkward. Aditya opens his arms, Zoya is hesitant.