Exclusive! John Abraham and Diana Penty recall where they were during the 1998 Pokhran tests – watch video!

It is a warm Saturday evening as we catch up with John Abraham and Diana Penty at the former’s spacious office in Bandra. Though John is battling a bad cold, he is pretty cheerful. The actors will be seen in Parmanu, which is based on the nuclear blasts of 1998. The testing of nuclear missile by India was a landmark moment in the country’s modern history. John reveals to us that work on the project was on for more than two years. The film stays true to the events that led up to the blasts. The actor is fond of content-driven films, which is evident from the projects he has made as a producer whether it is Vicky Donor, Madras Cafe and now Parmanu. Bollywood Life met up with the lead actors and asked them what did they remember about the historic day of May 11, 1998 when India became a nuclear power. While Diana was in school like most of us, John had a really funny anecdote to share. The team from John Abraham’s production house put in extensive research on the project that included meeting people from India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). (Also Read: Parmanu: The Story Of Pokhran trailer – John Abraham’s film is an ode to the unsung heroes who made India a nuclear power – watch video)

Check out the interview below…

The early reviews for Parmanu are quite good. Karan Johar has described it as a riveting film that is extremely patriotic. In recent times, we have seen such films like Raazi, Rustom, Airlift do really well at the box office. Stay tuned to Bollywood Life for more scoop and updates!

A girl calls Sumeet Vyas “sexy chantebaaz” and his reaction cannot be missed – watch exclusive video

Sumeet Vyas is a talented actor who is making inroads into Bollywood. He has worked in several films and web series, but he is still waiting for his big break. His web series like Permanent Roommates and TVF Tripling have helped him gain a lot of popularity and fame. But did you know how guys and girls are crushing on him and fantasising about him? Yes, we checked out his Twitter timeline and it was filled with Thirst tweets. For those of you who don’t know, thirst tweets are tweets admiring or fantasising about a particular person. And when we found such tweets directed towards Sumeet, we asked him to react to them. During an an exclusive interview with the actor for his film High Jack, we made Sumeet read out a couple of these thirst tweets and what followed is something you really cannot miss!

From three girls calling him “hot and cute” to another calling him a “sexy chantebaaz”, there were a lot of messages that surprised the actor. In fact, one girl even asked him what was the secret behind his energy? His responses, his expressions and his answers will totally leave you surprised. Check out our exclusive video above to know what he had to say and how he reacted to these thirst tweets! We wonder how these fans would react after seeing this video? ?(ALSO READ – Sumeet Vyas EXPOSES an inside secret about Bollywood stars at award shows – watch exclusive video)

Talking about High Jack, the movie is about a struglling DJ who agrees to carry a packet of drugs on board a plane to earn some money. However, little did he know that his situation would go from bad to worse with the plane getting hijacked by a couple of disgruntled airline employees. Things get even more crazy as everyone onboard the plane gets high. What follows will surely make you ROFL! Anyway, stay tuned to BollywoodLife as we get you more updates on High Jack right here.

[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO] Sumeet Vyas pretends to be doped while he delivers some iconic dialogues and the result is hilarious

Sumeet VyasHigh Jack has finally hit the screens yesterday (May 18). After several delays, the film has finally made it to the theatres and while it has not had an ideal start, people have loved Sumeet’s performance in the movie. The actor is one helluva performer, so we decided to put him to the ultimate test of acting. We told him to deliver some iconic Bollywood dialogues as if he was high and we have to say the result is hilarious.

From dialogues like ‘Basanti in kutto ke saamne met naachna‘ to ‘Jaa Simran jaa, ji le apni zindagi‘ and ‘Jiyo, haso, khush raho, muskurao, Kya pata Kal ho na ho‘; we gave Sumeet quite a few dialogues to deliver and we have to say he nailed it. He made us believe that he was high during each and every dialogue. And the best part was that he tried some other style of delivery with every dialogue. Check out our exclusive video above to find out how he delivered these iconic Bollywood dialogues. Also share with us your thoughts about his act in the comments section below! (ALSO READ – Sumeet Vyas EXPOSES an inside secret about Bollywood stars at award shows – watch exclusive video)

For those of you who don’t know, High Jack is the story of a DJ who decides to carry a packet of drugs on a flight as he is in desperate need for money. But his day goes from bad to worse when his plane gets hijacked by some disgruntled employees of the airline company. Things turn pretty insane when everyone onboard gets high on drugs as the flight continues. What follows is nothing short of hilarious! So, stay tuned to BollywoodLife as we get you all the updates about High Jack right here.

Exclusive! ‘Nawazuddin Siddiqui was the most supportive co-star ever,’ reveals Manto actor Bhanu Uday

Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s performance as writer Saadat Hasan Manto in Nandita Das’ Manto has won over the international press at the Cannes Film Festival 2018. TV actor Bhanu Uday whom we know best from his work in Special Squad and the Star Bharat show, Saam Daam Dand Bhed plays the role of actor Ashok Kumar in the film. In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Life, he spoke about how he landed up with the role and the experience of working with Nawazuddin. “Well, I got this call from Honey Trehan’s office. He told me that he wanted me to play film star Ashok Kumar in Manto and that I had to audition the next day. I was given lines to prepare. I was quite nervous as I had so little time to bring forth the legendary actor and scared that I did make a fool of myself before Nandita Das,” he says. Bhanu further says he gave an audition and the filmmaker liked it though it wasn’t hundred per cent Ashok Kumar. She gave him time to get into the character. Post that, Bhanu spent days watching all films of Ashok Kumar and would do scenes at home. His wife would capture them in videos and he would send them to Nandita. Slowly, he was finalised for the part. “Nandita Ma’am had suggested that I take help from a mimicry artiste but I was afraid that I would look caricaturish. I wanted to be more like the real person,” he opines. (Also Read: Manto teaser: Nawazuddin Siddique’s unconventional act of a writer will leave you intrigued ; watch video)

The Saam Daam Dand Bhed actor says working with Nawazuddin Siddiqui and the team of Manto has been one of the most gratifying experiences of his life. “Since I took a long time to get into the character, I did not get out of it easily. When I met Nawazbhai for the first time, I was talking like Kumar. He noticed that immediately. We are both pass-outs from the National School of Drama. He is my senior by quite a few years. Nawazbhai is an exceptional actor but also the most encouraging co-star ever. He took me under his wings. On sets, we had Nandita Ma’am, Nawazbhai, Tahir Raj Bhasin and Vinod Nagpal. The kind of conversations we had. It was so enriching. That kind of atmosphere is something every actor longs for,” says an overwhelmed Bhanu. (Also Read: Director Nandita Das will present her biopic Manto in Cannes Film Festival 2018)

He is also all praises for Nandita Das. “She guides you like a mother, which is with a lot of love. She knows what she wants from you but she’ll never get aggressive. The atmosphere on the sets was a passionate one but chilled-out. All of us felt at home,” he says. Writer Saadat Hasan Manto lived for his passion and would die than compromise on his work. He was totally honest in whatever he wrote. “Manto is the biggest inspiration for any artiste to never compromise on his art irrespective of whatever the circumstances. Passionate and fearless, he lived by his ideals. It was a pleasure being a part of this film and it has inspired me to give my best every time,” signs off Bhanu.

Sumeet Vyas EXPOSES an inside secret about Bollywood stars at award shows – watch exclusive video

Bollywood award nights are pretty crazy. From some sizzling red carpet appearances to several insane categories of awards, to exciting dance performances and interesting speeches, we see a lot of things taking place during award shows. However, there are so much happening that you don’t see or hear about! But High Jack actor Sumeet Vyas just exposed an inside secret about Bollywood stars at award shows and you will be shocked beyond belief.

During an exclusive interview, we made Sumeet Vyas play a fun game. We told him to tell us what he would do if he was high in the following situations. From being high while getting married to being high during a court proceeding, we gave him some crazy instances. But when he asked him what he would do if he was high at an award show, Sumeet made a startling revelation. He revealed to us exclusively, “To be be very honest, if you’ve been to award shows, all of them are high. They are all pretty high and till the time their award comes, they are pretty much sloshed! That’s one thing. So when they land up on the stage, they say random things. So if I had to give a one minute speech, then I would end up talking for 30 minutes.” Check out our full, exclusive video above to know what else he mentioned. Share with us your thoughts about his revelation in the comments section below! (ALSO READ – Salman Khan is Dope, while Priyanka Chopra is Acid; Sumeet Vyas names drugs after Bollywood actors – watch exclusive video)

Directed by Akarsh Khurana, High Jack follows the story of a DJ, who in desperate need for money, decides to carry a packet of drugs onboard a flight. But little does he know that the plane is about to be hijacked by some disgruntled employees of the airline company. However, things turn pretty crazy when everyone gets high on dope as the flight goes on. What follows is nothing short of hilarious! So, stay tuned to BollywoodLife as we get you all the updates about High Jack right here.

Birthday boy Zain Imam of Naamkarann reveals he likes Nina Dobrev while Aditi Rathore is clueless – read EXCLUSIVE interview!

The handsome and talented Zain Imam turns a year older today. While the past year has been a hugely successful one for the actor, this birthday is a bittersweet one. After all, his hit show, Naamkarann, is airing its last episode on his special day. Fans of the show are mighty upset with the makers for this unceremonious end to their favourite serial and have flooded social media with angry messages. While the actors are disappointed, Zain has stated before that it is always better to end on a high. On the occasion of Zain’s birthday and Naamkarann’s last airing date, Bollywood Life decided to catch up with the lead actors, Aditi Rathore and Zain for an interview. It was a hot sweltering day in Goregaon but Aditi made sure we were comfortable in her makeup room. In this freewheeling chat, the two talk about each other and what Naamkarann meant in their lives. Excerpts from the interview…(Also Read: Khatron Ke Khiladi 9: Zain Imam of Naamkarann fame reacts on doing the stunt reality show)

People are crazy about your pairing. What made AvNeil so special?
Chemistry! I feel everyone saw Neil Khanna and wished they had someone like him in their lives. Anyone would want Neil for their daughter. There was an aspirational value to the character.
Aditi: I think it is hard work, chemistry, the way we did our scenes. People like the hard work we put in. I feel girls admired Avni for her inner strength and sense of self-respect. There was a lot to love about her.

Do you feel the show suffered because of people watching it online instead of on TV?
Zain: Majorly, the reason was people watching it on Hotstar. Our digital audience is very high, I feel it is more than Ishqbaaaz, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein or Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

What did you love about each other’s characters?
 I think Neil is very supportive and caring. He loves Avni a lot.
Zain: I feel Avni is a very strong-headed female character. She is someone who takes a stance. It is a very important thing for a girl.


#AvNeil/#AdiZa fans are dying for the day when Zain and Aditi will start dating in actual life. Does this demand bother you? 
Zain: Hmm, it is annoying at times but you have to maintain patience. In this industry, link-ups are bound to happen. But it’s nothing major. Yeh unka pyaar hai jo ubhar ke aata hai. We work hard to get loved and appreciated. Log humein pasand kare, humein sarhaye yeh hum chahte hain. 


What do you like about each other as actors? What have you learnt from one another?
He is a great performer, a good actor who understands emotions well and portrays them nicely.
Zain: Hahaha…She has learnt a lot from me. She has immense patience. I think that is the best thing about Aditi. You need patience to survive showbiz. Patience helps you whether you have work or are struggling to bag projects.

What does Naamkarann mean in your lives? Zain, you have had a successful run so far but it’s Aditi’s first show as a lead.
Aditi: It was my first show as a leading lady. Naamkarann got me a lot of recognition everywhere. It feels great to see my hard work paying off.
Zain: It feels good when you know there are people to support you. The best thing that can happen to an actor is that people start liking and loving him. You get recognized and half of your mission is accomplished. (Also Read: Zain Imam expresses gratitude on 1 year of Naamkarann ; watch video)

Have you tried to analyse why girls are so crazy about Zain? We have heard that you are a charmer even off-screen…
Once I get free from shooting, I will try to understand why girls are so crazy about me. Iss baat par gaur farmaungaa (Laughs out loud). Yes, my charm works off screen as well. But I am not like a charmer charmer. I use my charm if there is some work or something.
Aditi: Hahahaha…It is good to be a charmer!

People dote on the Naamkarann team for the camaraderie they share. What are your best moments with the cast? Who are your BFFs?
We celebrated Yusuf Sir’s birthday. It was a nice occasion.
Zain: We go for movies or hookah parties. Everybody is my BFF from the team. Koi dushman nahi hai. The senior artistes been very supportive of us. They talk to us nicely and there is no sense of seniority.

Zain, what are your birthday plans?
I haven’t planned anything as such. I am not a guy who has big birthday bashes.

Where are you guys planning to holiday now that the show is over?
I am thinking of where to go, it is undecided so far. I have not taken a break in the past one year or so.
Zain: I am also undecided on the destination. Will figure that out later.


What do you plan to gift yourself? We have heard you’re crazy about automobiles
I am crazy about automobiles. I would like to buy a Harley – Davidson but then, my show has gone off air (Laughs out loud). Let’s see I don’t know, as yet.

Any message for your army of fans?
Thanks for the love and support. We loved the edits you guys made with so much effort. Fans are family. I salute you guys for the efforts you took for us.
Aditi: Whatever Naam is there of Naamkarann is just because of you guys! Fans gave us so much love without expecting anything in return.

Who is the next actor/actress you want to romance?
I haven’t thought of it. I am clueless (Laughs).
Zain: The actress from The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev

We are sure that you guys will be missing the show a lot. We hope this interview brought some cheer. BollywoodLife wishes Zain a very happy birthday and the actors a successful career ahead!

Naagin 3: Karishma Tanna reacts on link-up rumours with Pearl V Puri: I am happily single

At the press meet of Naagin 3, Karishma Tanna looked resplendent in a blush pink saree and dewy makeup. Her hair left open in voluminous curls added to her beauty. In an EXCLUSIVE chat with Bollywood Life, she said, “My character is called Ruhi. She has a lot of shades to her. She is a shape-shifting Naagin who gets born in the human form after 1000 years along with her lover. It is a milan ki raat when a few boys come and ruin our romantic moment. Rajat and I are harassed and he gets killed. How I come and take badla is the plot of the show. The character has sexiness, oomph, larger-than-life quality and sympathy, which draws the audience.” When we asked her about the return to the Balaji Telefilms camp, she said that it was like family for her. When we asked her to reminisce her early days with the production house, she said, “I don’t come from an acting or film background. As a beginner, it was tough for me to understand emotions and act. But I am a quick learn. The journey has been good and I have grown in life.” (Also Read: Video Alert: Anita Hassanandani and Karishma Tannas Naagin 3 new promo is out)

She also spoke about her co-star Rajat Tokas. “He is an introvert, a man of few words. He is always into his character. But he was very chilled out with me, luckily,” she stated. Lastly, we asked her about her link-up with Pearl V Puri, who is the male lead of Naagin 3. They worked together on Nagarjuna and buzz was that they were more than good friends. “Really! Why don’t you guys start linking me with like everyone. I am happily single and I don’t regret it,” she signed off.