Bepannaah, 25 May, 2018, show highlights: Mahi proposes Aditya

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Aditya is broken and lies down crying. Zoya is also broken and cries. But she refuses to give any sympathy to him because she has nothing to say. She makes him remember that Pooja has not signed the divorce papers but whereas Yash has signed the papers. Aditya wishes that it would have been good if Pooja has signed the papers because then he would have got the closure but he would always keep on thinking why she didn’t sign. Aditya is all broken and says who will help him to get better again and falls asleep. Zoya puts the blanket on him and goes and lie on the couch. Noor comes and knocks on the door. Aditya wakes up in his sleep and opens the door. Noor is shocked. Aditya wakes up. Zoya also wakes up and brings Noor inside and explains everything. Zoya asks him to leave. Aditya thanks Zoya for the last night. Aditya climbs down the window. Rajveer clicks pictures of them. Mahi spots Aditya climbing down and is worried. Aditya leaves. Rajveer is determined to bring the end on their love story. Mahi is angry.

Aditya is smiling while walking on the road. He asks for autos and taxis but nobody respond. Rajveer comes and calls Aditya. Aditya is shocked. Rajveer keeps on asking questions. Aditya tries to handle the situation. Rajveer gives Aditya lift till the office.

Noor and Zoya join Madhu. Mahi walks in and takes Zoya away.

Rajveer and Aditya are going and Rajveer keeps on taunting Aditya about different things. Aditya keeps on giving befitting replies. Rajveer wants to take him for a treat. Aditya is not ready but Rajveer forces him. Rajveer says that Aditya needs a tea because maybe yesterday’s night was very heavy. Aditya starts doubting Rajveer and says that he doesn’t look he belongs from London. Rajveer tells that he is a Mumbaikar and he went to London recently. Aditya asks his college and Rajveer answers. Aditya is determined to know all about Rajveer.

Mahi interrogates Zoya about Aditya. Zoya finally tells Mahi that Aditya was not in the good position and Madhu would freak out and that is why she didn’t tell anything. Zoya leaves, Mahi is speechless. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 24 May, 2018, show highlights: Aditya gets emotional and keeps asking Zoya different questions)

Aditya and Rajveer keep on taunting each other. Aditya tries to know about Rajveer and on the other hand, Rajveer keeps on mentioning how he heard of Zosh company from Bella. Aditya is suspicious about him. While giving money, Rajveer’s purse falls and Aditya gives it back to him. Rajveer sees his card has fallen. He catches an auto and makes Aditya leave as fast as possible. He gets a call and soon his card reveals that he is a CBI officer.

Mr Hooda is angry with his associate who informs that there is a CBI officer who wants to keep the case open. He is inquisitive about the case and keeps on asking. Mr Hooda asks him to stay silent. He further asks had the police taken someone’s statement. He mentions Zoya’s father. Mr Hooda is intrigued to know as Yash’s mobile had his voice message. He is confused.

Zoya is on call. Aditya takes her inside forcibly. Mahi is angry and gets a call from Madhu.

Aditya explains that Rajveer is doubtful. Zoya doesn’t feel it. Mahi walks in. Aditya keeps on explaining his doubts. Zoya is still not ready to believe him. Mahi tells them that they can search the site of the college and find out. Aditya checks and is stunned. Zoya leaves. Mahi asks if Aditya needs further help or not. Aditya says no.

Zoya is decorating and asks Aditya’s help. Aditya trips. Rajveer clicks their picture. While he is leaving, Bhabi asks him to click her pictures. He clicks and Bhabi wants to see. Rajveer declines. Aditya is suspicious. Bhabi gives Rajveer a tip of love. Mahi hears it mindfully. Rajveer clicks Aditya’s picture and leaves. Mahi decides to confess her love for Aditya.

Zoya searches for Mahi but can’t find her. She leaves to find her.

Mahi calls Aditya and asks him to meet at the back garden all alone. He thinks it is about Rajveer and leaves. Bhabi sees it.

Zoya is searching for Mahi. Bhabi comes and informs about Mahi calling Aditya at the back garden. Zoya is tensed.

Aditya reaches there and is amazed to see the candles and all the decorations. He is surprised. Mahi walks out in a red dress. Aditya is amazed. Mahi walks up to him and confesses her love to Aditya by giving him a rose. Aditya is shocked. Mahi makes Aditya remember his words and expresses that how much he has understood her. She keeps on expressing her love. Aditya is stunned.

Bepannaah, 24 May, 2018, show highlights: Aditya gets emotional and keeps asking Zoya different questions

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Zoya pulls Aditya and starts dancing. Aditya is amazed. She says that she will dance but she can’t kiss him. Aditya and Zoya start dancing. Aditya almost puts his leg outside. Zoya holds him. One couple gets eliminated. They start dancing again. Mahi dressed in a burkha comes and is irritated over Zoya for spoiling her love story. Another couple gets eliminated. they fold the paper again. Mahi takes a seat. Zoya is worried now what will happen. Aditya picks her up on his arms and music starts. Kalpesh and Bhabi fail to complete the challenge. Zoy and Aditya win the game. Rajveer is not happy and goes and says that they have beaten him and proved that they can go to any extent for the love. Aditya is worried why Rajveer is taunting them again and again. Aditya controls her anger and gets to the dinner. Mahi is ready to spoil the dinner.

Mr Hooda’s meeting gets delayed and he leaves to meet the client.

Kalpesh and Bhabi are feeding each other. Bhabi asks Zoya and Aditya to do the same. Rajveer also forces them. Aditya and Zoya are not ready. Mahi is irritated that Bhabi is constantly trying to bring Zoya and Aditya together. Aditya fakes a cough and goes to the washroom. While leaving he trips over Mahi and calls her Didi. Mahi is frustrated and asks the waiter to bring a cake. Mr Hooda reaches the same spot. Rajveer sees him and remembers that he called him for a meeting to bring them face to face. The waiter brings the cake and Mahi asks him to give it to Zoya. When Aditya comes back, he sees Mr Hooda. He tries to hide his face and puts his face on the cake. Mahi is disappointed. While everyone is busy taking a selfie, Aditya pulls Zoya out and leaves. Everyone is amazed. Rajveer laughs. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 23 May, 2018, show highlights: Will Zoya and Aditya kiss each other?)

Zoya is amazed. Aditya tells about Mr Hooda. Aditya starts sneezing. Zoya is worried. Aditya reveals he has allergy from strawberry. Zoya says she also has the same allergy. She gives a medicine to Aditya and asks her to drink accordingly.

Aditya keeps on sneezing. As it is not stopping he drinks it all. Aditya starts feeling dizzy and faints.

Zoya is going to bed. She hears some noise and picks up the vase. Aditya sneaks in and Zoya starts screaming. Mahi and Madhu wake up. Zoya is amazed and asks if he is drunk. He says that he has drunk the medicine. Zoya is worried. Madhu and Mahi start knocking the door. Zoya is puzzled. Aditya behaves as if he is drunk. Zoya hides Aditya behind the bed. She goes and opens the door. Mahi and Madhu are worried. Aditya comes out. Zoya requests Aditya to leave. Aditya asks Zoya one favour. Aditya asks Zoya to make him alright. Zoya is puzzled. Aditya becomes emotional and says what is his wrong. Zoya asks him to grow up. Aditya says why hasn’t ever Pooja ever told him the truth. Aditya cries and lies on the bed. Zoya is broken.

Bepannaah, 23 May, 2018, show highlights: Will Zoya and Aditya kiss each other?

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Zoya and Aditya are amazed to see Rajveer. He starts talking in a cryptic way but soon changes and asks if he has spoiled their game. Aditya says no. Kalpesh comes and introduces Rajveer and says he has come down from London to attend the silver jubilee of the company. He also says that Rajveer only suggested Zoya and Aditya’s company. Aditya is intrigued. Rajveer shakes hands with Zoya and she gets hurt. Aditya asks why has he come here. Rajveer answers that he came to find the truth. Kandi Bhai comes and welcomes Rajveer. He keeps on dropping hints about his entry. Zoya leaves to rub some ice on her finger. Aditya follows her.

Sakshi is worried and is in dilemma. She is worried because the picture depicts something else and she doesn’t know whether Aditya will trust her or not. Anjana walks in and asks what is she hiding. She hides the picture and says she went for a walk. Anjana warns her to stop doing everything because she doesn’t want Aditya to get hurt.

Zoya is in pain. Aditya comes and cures her. Bhabi comes and appreciates their relationship. Aditya leaves. Mahi asks him for dinner. At that moment Kalpesh walks in with Rajveer and says that Kandi Bhai has agreed to give the contract. Aditya is suspicious about Rajveer. Rajveer asks about their marriage, Aditya and Zoya manage the situation. Rajveer invites Zoya and Aditya for dinner. Zoya and Aditya are hesitant but finally agrees. Mahi is disappointed.

Arjun informs that AJ won’t be online today and asks Noor for dinner. Noor finally agrees.

Rajveer says that Kalpesh and Bhabi’s love story happened because of him. He asks Aditya and Zoya about their relationship. Rajveer says that he felt they are making the stories. Rajveer aks where they met. Aditya and Zoya tell that they met in Missouri. Rajveer keeps on asking questions and Aditya and Zoya keep on tackling the situation. Everyone keeps on asking questions and Aditya and Zoya keep on answering and managing. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 22 May, 2018, show highlights: Rajveer Khanna enters to make Zoya and Aditya’s life difficult)

Rajveer keeps on taunting. Bhabi appreciates Zoya and Aditya. The DJ announces a song where couples have to dance. Rajveer announces Aditya and Zoya’s name. Bhabi is also eager to join. Zoya declines. Bhabi takes Zoya and Aditya forcibly.

Zoya is worried as she can’t dance. Aditya is speechless. Rajveer keeps on following them.

The DJ announces paper dance. He asks once the couple gets out they have to kiss each other. Zoya is not ready. Rajveer comes and asks why they want to leave and if they are a couple or not. Zoya and Aditya say they are a couple. The DJ starts the music. Aditya and Zoya are worried. rajeev keeps on following them.

Bepannaah, 16 May, 2018, show highlights: Will Aditya tie mangalsutra around Zoya’s neck?

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Zoya and Mahi return home. Mahi blames Zoya’s stubbornness and tells that the company will get destroyed. Zoya is upset. Mahi tries to make her understand that Aditya’s way is the only way. Zoya’s mother-in-law comes and switches on the lights.

Sakshi is tensed about the blackmailer and decides that she has to arrange the money. The picture falls from her hands. Arjun walks inside and she is tensed. Arjun ignores the picture and asks her about her health. She tells that she is sick. In the meantime, Aditya calls Arjun and he leaves. Sakshi picks up the picture and looks tense. Aditya’s mom sees it and is worried why is Sakshi acting like this.

Arjun gets ready and promises Aditya to let him know when he can arrange the money. Aditya asks where he is leaving. Arjun gives the excuse of his work and leaves. Aditya is completely relying on Arjun for the money.

Zoya’s mother-in-law enquires about the plan. Mahi gets irritated and leaves.

Noor praises her looks and goes to click a picture. Arjun walks in. He suddenly runs inside and Mahi follows her.

Zoya explains her mother-in-law about the bankruptcy. Her mother-in-law asks her to take the steps after a little thought. Zoya promises to keep everyone safe.

Noor is irritated. Arjun declares that he will work with RJ AJ today. While they start fighting, the producer comes and asks Noor to work on the desk as she is ready. After she leaves, the producer asks Arjun to stop the drama. Arjun declares that he will take some time to reveal the truth.

Zoya is extremely tensed and worried. The radio starts. All the four are listening to it. Aditya smiles and hears the radio. A song plays and everyone listens to it in their own rooms. They all smile. Zoya and Aditya say they both love the song while Mahi says she hates it.

Noor returns. Zoya’s mother-in-law taunts her. Mahi comments about her dressing. Noor leaves heartbroken. Zoya follows her.

Noor is crying and Zoya tries to calm her. Zoya says that she trusts her with all her might. She expresses her concern for Noor’s late night job. Noor gets upset and falls asleep. Zoya kisses her and decides to check Noor’s office once. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 15 May, 2018, show highlights: Aditya asks Zoya to marry him)

Zoya reaches her office and is worried how will she face everyone. An employee takes her to Mithilesh Ji. The employees start contributing money to save the company. Aditya watches them. Zoya is moved.

Aditya walks in and is about to say something. Zoya declares that she is ready to go with the marriage plan. She says that she will say the false and take the contract. Zoya is determined to keep the company intact. Mahi is excited and goes for the preparations. Zoya returns the money to everyone. Aditya laughs and Zoya leaves.

Mahi tries different sarees. Aditya declines her looks. She keeps on changing. Finally, her one saree gets selected by Aditya and others. Mahi is ready. Everyone waits for the contractors. Aditya and Zoya point out that the mangalsutra is missing.

Mahi imagines Aditya walking towards her with the mangalsutra and putting around her neck but her dream breaks when she sees Zoya and Aditya are fighting over tying the mangalsutra. Aditya and Zoya keep on fighting over it. The contractor arrives and says that he is not understanding what is happening. Aditya and Zoya are shocked. The contractor mistakes Aditya and Zoya as husband wife. He blames Zoya for not wearing the mangalsutra. He is angry and asks her son to take care of the matter. He requests his father to give Aditya a chance. He says that he will get into the meeting but before that Aditya has to tie the mangalsutra around Zoya’s neck. Aditya and Zoya are in dilemma. Zoya is not ready to wear it. Aditya is hesitant.

Hold your breath! Bepannaah actress Jennifer Winget is having her own little ‘Cannes’ moment!

Wait, what? Is Jennifer Winget making her Cannes debut this year? Is she too walking the red carpet? – We are sure these are the only kind of questions running in your head right now and we don’t blame you! After all, the Bepannaah actress has everything to join the likes of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, Sonam Kapoor and believe us when we say that day isn’t that far when you’ll actually see Jennifer walking the Cannes red carpet with much poise and pride! But right now, it’s all a wish that’s yet to be fulfilled and Jennifer is equally looking forward to it. Taking up to Instagram, the beauty shared this breathtaking pic saying, “Not walking the red carpet in Cannes doesn’t stop me from having my own little Cannes moment in cann-jurmarg.” For those of you who didn’t get the pun, she meant ‘Kanjurmarg’ a place in Mumbai where she is shooting for Bepannaah. ALSO READBepannaah’s Jennifer Winget looks like a girl straight out of a fairytale in THIS picture

Just how beautiful is this lady in red! We wouldn’t hesitate from admitting that sometimes we really fall short of words while admiring Jennifer. I mean, there’s something so striking about her personality, her eyes, her smile that it just makes you want to sit and stare all day long. Here, crush over her picture below:

Jennifer’s “Cannes’ moment!

We can’t wait to see Jennifer own the Cannes red carpet one day, now that she’s forced us to dream bigger! And the fact she has such an amazing sense of fashion only makes us vouch for her, already! Well, you might call this imagination too far-fetched but then, if one doesn’t wish, then how will it ever come true? Much love to Jennifer for helping us start our day on such a gorgeous note.

Bepannaah, 15 May, 2018, show highlights: Aditya asks Zoya to marry him

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Zoya falls in the arms of Zoya. The photographer loves the pose and asks them to stay still. Aditya taunts Zoya that she wanted to keep him away but he is so close. Zoya is irritated and gets away from Aditya.

Noor brings in loads of clothes and starts trying them. Zoya’s mother-in-law comes and scolds Noor for being busy in shopping and not doing any work. Noor remembers that her mother has not called her yet.

Zoya is upset with all the pictures and asks them to delete it. An employee comes and says that they have bagged an offer of 2 crore rupees. Zoya is excited but Aditya tells them that the contract will be only given to the people who have a family-owned business. He asks Zoya to marry him and swiftly turns the words and asks Mahi to marry him. Zoya is not ready with it. Aditya asks Mahi to act as a couple in front of the contractors. Zoya negates the idea. Aditya asks why is she doing all these as the company is suffering so much. Aditya tells that Zoya’s selfishness will result in everyone’s loss. Zoya remembers how she promised to keep the company intact. Aditya asks her what is her decision. Zoya is in a dilemma. Mahi asks what is Zoya’s problem. Zoya declares that she can’t lie as when they will find it out later, what will happen. Aditya tells that Zoya has promised to make this company big and this may be their last chance. Zoya blames Aditya for not taking care of the employees. Zoya asks Mona to cancel the order. Aditya is determined to take the order and asks the employees to take sides. Everyone contemplates and chooses sides. Aditya wins the vote and leaves with Mahi. Zoya is still determined and asks her supporters to find another way.

Arjun calls Noor as AJ. Noor is excited and promises to work hard.

Sakshi gets and call and Aditya’s mother overhears her.

Aditya and Mahi are practising to act as the perfect couple in front of the employee. Zoya is irritated. One of the employees says that Mahi and Aditya don’t make the perfect power couple as the intense chemistry is missing. She explains they need to work on the behaviour towards each other. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 14 May, 2018, show highlights: Zoya and Aditya come close while doing the photoshoot)

Aditya’s mother informs of a courier to Sakshi. The on-call person blackmails her and asks her to open the parcel. She sees a picture where she is sitting with Pooja and Yash. She gets scared. The blackmailer asks her to give him 3 lakh rupees to keep his mouth shut.

Everyone keeps on giving Aditya and Mahi ideas to make them look like as a couple. Zoya is not ready as she fears if police find out their false, then they may go to jail. Aditya calls the contractor and cancels the contract. Aditya leaves but comes back and says that when the company gets shut, Zoya will be able to sleep because she knows she has not lied. Aditya blames Yash for drowning the company but blames Zoya for the downfall.

Aditya is puzzled. Everyone works hard to bring out some plans. Employees come and inform about the small budget projects. Mahi tries to convince Zoya that they should go for the plan. Zoya is still not ready for it.

Sakshi is worried how will she manage the money. She could only share the plan with Aditya but she can’t because if Aditya knows the truth then he will never forgive her. Sakshi decides to arrange the money.

Aditya leaves to catch a movie. Mahi wants to accompany him. Zoya stops her. She remembers all the consequences that will happen if the company shuts off. She is worried and can’t find a way.

Bepannaah, 10 May, 2018, show highlights: Will Zoya be able to keep Mahi away from Aditya?

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Zoya is trying to figure out a way to pull the company out from the problem, Aditya walks in and says that they need to revamp the company. Meanwhile, he tries to irritate Zoya while trying to woo Mahi. When Zoya negates Aditya’s idea, Mahi jumps in and says that his idea is perfect. Aditya keeps on flirting with Mahi and Zoya is worried. Aditya calls Mahi to his cabin to discuss the plan and she follows him.

Mr Hoodda asks Mr Kothari to remind the company that they are on the verge of bankruptcy. Mr Kothari agrees.

Aditya uses Mahi’s liking and talks with her in a friendly manner. Zoya walks in to have something checked by Mahi. Mahi leaves. Zoya tells her that she is saving her from the dark plans of Aditya and asks her to stay away from him. But Mahi in her mind has already fallen for Aditya and loves the way he cares for her. Mahi says that she will only discuss work with him. Zoya tries to stop her but Aditya walks in and asks Mahi out for a shopping. While Mahi is ready to go with Aditya, Zoya tries to stop them. But Aditya leaves with Mahi. Zoya goes away. Aditya waits for Zoya to follow them but she goes to her cabin. Finally, Aditya leaves with Mahi when he sees Zoya waiting to come after them. When Aditya and Mahi leaves, Zoya follows them. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 9 May, 2018, show highlights: Zoya asks Aditya to stay away from her life)

Noor is waiting at the radio station for the interview. Arjun sees her but ignores as he thinks that he is hallucinating. While he tries to go, Noor stops him. He is amazed to see her in real, while Noor asks why he is there.

Aditya and Mahi are shopping. While Mahi is busy seeing Aditya, he is worried where Zoya is. Just then the bell rings and when he opens the door, Zoya is standing there. Zoya tells Mahi that she has brought food for her. Mahi shows her interest in having lunch with Mahi. Aditya agrees. Zoya is determined to not leave and stays back. Aditya keeps on changing shirts. Mahi stares at him and Zoya is worried.

Arjun can’t believe that Noor is there. Noor warns him to stay away from her dream job with RJ AJ. Noor mistakes Arjun as a competition and Arjun keeps on acting and wishes her best of luck.

While Mahi is ogling at Aditya’s bare body, Zoya tries to stop them. Meanwhile, Aditya breaks a button and Mahi goes to stitch it. Zoya stops her and takes the button and needle in her hand.