Jennifer Winget wins the BEST TV ACTRESS of the first half of 2018 poll with a whopping 57 per cent votes

2018 has been delightful so far at least in terms of the new shows that premiered on the small screen. Not only were these shows based on interesting topics to talk about, they also featured some stunning performances. The audience couldn’t stop watching these shows and most credit goes to the stars who make the show binge worthy. And when it comes to declaring the best actress of the first half of 2018, we couldn’t pick one. And thus we conducted a poll to know as to who won your hearts the most. And guess who won the poll? (Also Read: Fans vote for Bepannaah’s Harshad Chopda as the best TV actor in the first half of 2018)


It is none other than the Bepannaah actress, Jennifer Winget. The actress scored a whopping 57 per cent votes on our poll. And why not, she is one of the leading ladies of the small screen at this point and knows how to make heads turn. Her versatility has become the talk of the town. The second spot was bagged by Drashti Dhami, who made a comeback to the small screen with her show, Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka. Anita Hassanandani tried something new with Naagin 3 and grabbed the third spot with 7 per cent votes. Following her is Eisha Singh with 4 per cent votes. Aakriti Sharma of Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala got 2 per cent votes and Palak Jain of Yeh Pyar Nehi Toh Kya Hai got 1 per cent votes. No doubt, each of these actresses equally proved their acting prowess with much grace and conviction. But if only we could have more winners than one, we would have definitely declared all of them as the best actresses of 2018 so far. For more scoops and updates, stay tuned to BollywoodLife.

Congratulations! Jennifer Winget becomes the Most Promising Versatile TV Actress of the Year

Jennifer Winget is one of the leading ladies of telly town now. She has been a part of this industry for almost a decade now. From two-bit roles in shows like Kasautii Zindagii Kay to her recent role as the female lead in Bepannaah, the actress has come a long way and never fails to impress us. She is one of those actresses who doesn’t only stun us with her glamorous quotient but also makes us gush over her acting chops. While many deny taking risks, she pulls it off flawlessly. Be it a romantic tale or playing a vicious villain, the actress leaves everyone mesmerised. From tickling bones to hosting a show, Jennifer has tried her hands on everything and bowled us. After playing a sweet simple girl in Saraswatichandra, the actress took up Beyhadh. Many declined the role because of the negative shade but she took it and oh boy, she excelled in it. Fans were left heartbroken when the show ended. Just after a small gap, she returned with a completely different avatar in Bepannaah and we couldn’t stop praising the versatility of the actress. Indeed she deserves all the accolades. Jennifer bagged the Most Promising Versatile TV Actress award and we are so happy.

The actress took to Instagram to share the picture and we can’t be happier than this. Fans started pouring best wishes and compliments for the actress. Dressed in a magenta pantsuit, the actress looked cool and classy in it. The oversized bow added all the edge to her outfit. (Also Read: Jennifer Winget is a vision to behold in this stunning black anarkali dress – view pic)

Check out her pictures here…


On the work front, the actress is currently playing the role of Zoya in Colors TV’s Bepannaah. It also stars Harshad Chopra and fans are in love with their sizzling chemistry. While sharing about it with us, she said, “I am happy to see people liking us as a pair onscreen. What makes it fun is that it doesn’t take us much effort to portray our characters. He’s a great co-actor and our friendship leaves good room for chemistry to make its way in or out as and when the script demands it.”

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Bepannaah, 5 June, 2018, show highlights: Will Rajveer arrest Zoya and Aditya this time?

In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Aditya and Zoya start their journey again. Zoya falls and Aditya holds her. They start going again. Aditya feels thirsty. They search for a pond nearby. Aditya starts drinking and his cut gets wet with the water. Zoya sees it and makes Aditya drink water with her own hand. They keep on moving. Zoya asks him to switch on his phone and check their location. Aditya stops her because the police might tap their call. They search for a telephone booth.

The bankers come and seal the office. the employees try to stop them, but they seal the door.

Aditya calls Arjun. The police puts the phone on speaker. Aditya talks with Arjun in a code language and gave his coordinates to him. The police cannot understand. Zoya is amazed. Aditya tells her everything. Arjun cracks the code and understands that Aditya is in Badlapur.

Mahi and Rajveer tap the call. While Mahi doesn’t understand, Rajveer understands that Aditya is in Badlapur.

Aditya starts eating and asks Zoya to join him. Zoya says she has kept roza. Aditya feels sorry.

Mahi and Rajveer keep on driving to reach Aditya and Zoya. Mahi is disappointed as Zoya and Aditya have been spending the night together.

Arjun tries to get out of the house. The police stop him. He calls Rajveer. Rajveer asks him to stop Arjun from getting out of the house.

Aditya and Zoya are waiting for Arjun. Zoya sees a car and goes towards it. Aditya stops her and they realise it is Rajveer. They run towards the jungle. Rajveer and Mahi ask the Dhaba owner and they say that they went inside the jungle. They run towards them.

Zoya is tired. Aditya asks her to keep moving. Zoya is shocked as they didn’t so anything still they are being followed. Aditya and Zoya start running. Zoya’s leg gets stuck in a trap and she falls. Aditya tries to save her. Zoya asks him to leave. Mahi and Rajveer search for them. Aditya says that he won’t leave Zoya behind. Aditya pulls Zoya’s leg out of the trap. They start moving but Zoya is bleeding badly. Aditya takes Zoya in her lap and they keep on moving. (Also Read: Bepannaah, 4 June, 2018, show highlights: Aditya promises Zoya that he will sort out everything)

Mahi and Rajveer spot blood and keep on following the trail. Rajveer asks other police officers to search everywhere. Mahi is irritated and taunts Rajveer. He points a gun at Mahi. Mahi asks for forgiveness. They start searching again.

Aditya and Zoya reach a locality and she urges him to put her down. Zoya and Aditya spot an empty room and they go inside. Rajveer reaches and asks the police to search every room. The locale people try to stop him. He doesn’t care.

The namaaz starts. Rajveer sees something moving inside the house. He walks in. He sees someone praying. Zoya is praying and Aditya hides behind the wall. Rajveer sees Zoya on the mirror. He approaches Zoya pointing a gun. Aditya hears Rajveer saying that Aditya must be somewhere near. Zoya keeps on praying. Aditya keeps on hiding and gets tensed.

Bepannaah: Rajveer to propose a deal to Zoya and Aditya in return of letting them go

Colors TV’s Bepannaah took an interesting twist with Rajveer’s (Apurva Agnihotri) entry in the show. While the daily soap was full of mystery with Yash (Sehban Azim) and Pooja (Namita Dubey) dying under mysterious circumstances, Zoya (Jennifer Winget) and Aditya (Harshad Chopda) are trying their best to save Zosh and get over the heartbreak. But with Rajveer’s dramatic entry, the show has given a whole new twist. He is hell bent to prove Zoya and Aditya the murderers of their partners. But nobody knows why it is so. Mahi (Vaishnavi Dhanraj) helped Rajveer to frame Zoya and Aditya for the crime and now they are on the run.

The last episode of the show revealed how Aditya and Zoya take shelter in the jungle to hide from Rajveer. While the duo will face a tiger in the jungle, Zoya will save Aditya from it. If you think that they will be safe from Rajveer, then you are mistaken. Rajveer will eventually catch them but will propose a deal in return of letting them go. Rajvir will reveal his real face and Aditya will be shocked. But only time will tell what the real and ugly deal Rajveer will offer to Zoya and Aditya. Only one thing is sure that the show will get more engrossing with these mysterious twists and turns. (Also Read: Bepannaah: Zoya to save Aditya from a leopard when trapped in the jungle?)

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Bepannaah spoiler alert! Zoya and Aditya to take shelter in a jungle after escaping from Rajveer

Colors TV’s Bepannaah went through a major change this week. While the show opened at the fifth position, it slowly went missing from the top 10 list. Don’t forget the competition the show was facing. Kundali Bhagya has been the top show for ages now. Thus the makers took a decision and changed the show timing. From this week, the show is airing in a new time slot. While the chances of the show rising on the TRP chart are high, the makers are leaving no stoned unturned to make it big and beat the other shows. While Zoya (Jennifer Winget) and Aditya (Harshad Chopra) are getting married to save Zosh company, Rajveer is hell bent to prove them the murderers of Yash (Sehban Azim) and Pooja (Namita Dubey). Helping him is Mahi (Vaishnavi Dhanraj) as Aditya has rejected her. If you have seen the last episode, then you know that Rajveer has come to Hooda mansion to arrest Zoya and Aditya. While Zoya faints, Aditya asks for a doctor. When Zoya regains consciousness, Aditya plans to run away. Zoya agrees to support him as they have no other options left. Aditya and Zoya will elope and Ranveer will catch them and try to shoot them, but we know what will happen next.

After escaping from the Hooda mansion, the duo will take shelter at Zosh employee, Bobby’s house. But soon, Bobby’s wife will call up the police and this will compel Aditya and Zoya to run from there as well. Soon Rajveer will catch them and aim a gun at the duo. He will declare for a surrender or he will shoot. However, Zoya and Aditya will sprinkle chilli powder on him and run away. On finding Rajveer after them, they will run and reach a jungle. They will be forced to take shelter in a jungle to avoid Rajveer. With Aditya’s hope on his father Mr Hooda (Rajesh Khatter) and Zoya’s trust on Aditya, the coming episodes will tell how they survive this situation. The other intriguing factor is why Rajveer is trying to prove Zoya and Aditya guilty of a crime which they haven’t committed. With all these questions, Bepannaah is building its mystery quotient. (Also Read: Bepannaah spoiler alert! Aditya spots the picture of Sakshi with Yash and Pooja and informs about it to Zoya)

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Exclusive Interview! Jennifer Winget on her growing popularity: I have high expectations from myself; I am my biggest critic

Talented, gorgeous, intelligent and hugely popular, Jennifer Winget is truly the reigning queen of Indian Television. She is currently seen as Zoya Siddiqui on the romantic-thriller Bepannaah. Her role is completely different from what she did in her previous show, Beyhadh, which is considered as a landmark serial in more ways than one. While it is easy to get popular by one successful show, sustaining success in showbiz is always tough, but Jennifer has managed to do so in a career spanning over 16 years. The Saraswatichandra actress has fans the world over, including in far off countries like Argentina and Mexico. She is one of the prettiest ladies around but in recent times, it has been more just than beauty for this diva. With Beyhadh, she proved she’s a risk-taker like none other and literally set a benchmark for everyone in the TV industry. Ask any young actor/actress, which role they did like to reprise, and pat comes the answer, Maya Mehrotra. Young TV hunks openly admit that they have a crush on her, and she is #goals for her fans on social media. It is easy to get trapped in a bubble with such unprecedented popularity but Jennifer is getting more and more grounded as she gets older.  Make no mistake, she has huge expectations from herself and confesses that she is her biggest critic. Bollywood Life caught up with the lady on her birthday for an exclusive chat….

How do you plan to celebrate your birthday?
Since I’ve been working round the clock, I just want to rest and take it easy on my birthday. I’m taking off somewhere outside the city for a few days with my closest friends and my dogs of course!

What do you plan to gift yourself?
Some much needed TLC!

People are loving Zoya in Bepannaah. Did you expect this kind of response? 
Honestly it was and still is kind of sinking in. I was very apprehensive when we started out to be honest; about how people would react to Zoya especially after Maya but I’m glad that audiences are liking this opposite side with Zoya and that encourages me to keep going and do further justice to her character.

Your popularity supersedes that of many Bollywood actresses. What do you think people relate to Jennifer or your characters? 
I think it’s mix of everything. While my characters have been loved and appreciated, I’ve also grown as a human being over the years that I’ve been associated with Television. So I think, it’s my growth as an actor and as a human being that keeps people on board with me. Believe me there’s a lot more work still left to be done. I have high expectations from myself! I am my biggest critic. (Also Read: Jennifer Winget and Surveen Chawla’s dance video from Kasauti Zindagi Kay is going viral on social media)

People are gaga over Harshad and your chemistry. How is it sharing screen space with him?
I am happy to see people liking us as a pair onscreen. What makes it fun is that it doesn’t take us much effort to portray our characters. He’s a great co-actor and our friendship leaves good room for chemistry to make its way in or out as and when the script demands it.

Everyone is very keen to see you in Bollywood. Do you plan to enter into films or is it immaterial for you? 
I believe in doing good projects that help me grow as an actor, the medium doesn’t matter.

The naivete of Zoya has taken us by surprise. What do you love about her?
It’s taken me by surprise too. Her innocence really appeals to me.

The pressure of TRPs is immense nowadays and channels pull plugs on shows quite fast. Does that worry you?
Worry leaves the room, the day I say yes to a script. There’s no questioning it that follows after. I love what I do and it’s important that this stays consistent. So, I only bother myself about how I up my game with my character.

Besides your acting, people are gushing over Jennifer the style diva? Whom do you credit for it?
I’m blessed with a talented team that has stuck by me for years.They’re my style warriors and we feed off each other’s energy. It takes a whole army to style me.

Jennifer Winget Birthday Special: Nakuul Mehta, Arjun Bijlani, Shaheer Sheikh – which TV hottie should the actress pair up with next?

Bepannaah actress, Jennifer Winget, turns a year old today. Not everyone knows that the actress had started her acting career at the age of 12 as a child artiste with the film Raja Ko Rani Se Pyar Ho Gaya. While many child artistes go missing from action when they grow up, the actress has been persistent with acting and her first show as an adult was Kkusum. The actress became a household name with her stint of Dr Riddhima Gupta in Dill Mill Gayye. Jennifer is an exceptional host and has anchored many comedy shows. Her show Saraswatichandra had bagged her many accolades. Sony TV’s Beyhadh marked a big break in her career. While actresses fear taking on negative roles, Jennifer broke the stereotype and played the deadly villainous diva on screen that made a mark on everyone’s hearts and became a rage with the audience. While we were still gushing over her last stint, Jennifer decided to appear in a completely different avatar and needless to say, she won everyone’s hearts as the sweet demure lady, Zoya. The actress keeps impressing us with her versatility and thus, on her birthday, we decided to conduct a poll for you to choose as to with whom should she pair up next… (Also Read: Fans choose Jennifer Winget as Maya from Beyhadh over Zoya in Bepannaah – view poll result)

Nakuul Mehta


The actor is known for his charming and witty side. He never fails to impress us with his acting chops and stunning looks. Nakuul, as Shivaay from Ishqbaaaz, has set new benchmarks. From being quirky to being an intense lover, the actor’s romantic quotient leaves the temperatures soaring every time. Do you want Jennifer to pair up with him?

Shaheer Sheikh


Shaheer had made his acting debut with Sanya in the year 2005. From playing a sweet innocent chocolate boy to playing a mythological character, the actor has proved that he is exceptional. He can mould himself into any role and will have you praising his acting talent. His latest show, Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi impressed everyone and people couldn’t stop gushing about it. So what do you think?

Arjun Bijlani


The actor is one of the leading actors of television. His journey from Left Right Left to Ishq Mein Marjawan is commendable. Arjun is one of those actors whose charming smile will disarm you. From college boy to a killer, Arjun has experimented with various roles through the years. Arjun might be one of your choices.

Karan Wahi


Karan knows how to make anything that he is a part of, a success. The Remix actor has bagged many accolades and also starred in numerous shows. While actors get comfortable with TV, he broke the stereotype and moved to Bollywood and is going strong with two movies. Apart from his acting chops, the actor is one of those TV hunks who are a hit with girls. He is also a popular host, whose impromptu dialogues are remarkable and unmissable. So do you want to see Jennifer romance her close friend?

Vivian Dsena


One of the top actors that comes to our mind is Vivian Dsena. He has the personality that matches Erica’s. She has got a great presence and so has he. Apart from proving his acting skills the actor has a huge fan following. An intense love story will be perfect to see the duo set the screen on fire. Just imagine these two extremely good-looking people together on TV?

So with whom do you want Jennifer to pair up with next?


Come back here to check the results…