Naagin 3 August 12 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Bela regrets killing Maahir

Bela gets really angry when Pabitra tries to check her pulse. She snaps at everyone saying she doesn’t believe in all this crap. No…it doesn’t mean she doesn’t believe in them. She says she has her own set of superstitions that she believes in. Well, after all, this Naagin… you have to believe in every corny to actually watch this show. Anyway, moving on, Bela tries to calm herself and decides to concentrate on her job She goes to her room where Maahir is working on a laptop. She contemplates how to kill Maahir and gets reminded of Guruji’s words.

Maahir gets a saree for her. They have a moment. Bela asks him why is he so nice to her when she has only been rude to him. Finally, she realised. She asks Maahir to do a favour and hug her. Bela is not happy about it but does it anyway. Bela apologises to Maahir for making him hug her because as Guruji said, anybody who hugs Bela dies because she is filled with poison. Bela goes back in time to relive those ties when Yuvraaj and Maahir along with others kill Naagraj. But she was imagining things and comes out of her reverie. Bela suddenly decides to take a shower and thinks about the task ahead. But then she is about to trip and Maahir is there to rescue him. They have a moment again. Bela tries get out of his grip because she realises if he touches her, Maahir will die. She freaks out. But Maahir doesn’t let go off him. Maahir tries to understand why Bela doesn’t like him at all. He asks some valid questions. Maahir tries to understand why Bela is always distant with him. Maahir says everything except for confessing his love for her. Typical! (Also read: Naagin 3 August 11 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Bela decides to kill Maahir by getting close to him)

Bela suddenly starts feeling dizzy. Maahir picks up in his arms and takes her out of the shower. He fixes her foot. But she again starts feeling dizzy and while taking support, scratches her cheeks. Maahir tries to call the doctor but she stops him. Maahir is very worried for her. Suddenly Bela starts apologising which leaves Maahir in shock. Maahir goes to get change for Bela because both of them are wet. Bela keeps saying sorry and stops Maahir from calling anyone. Bela goes changes clothes while Maahir waits. She is having difficulty removing the pin from the saree. Maahir helps without looking at her. She asks him to leave so that she can change but a worried Maahir doesn’t budge. Bela tries to wear the saree but feels dizzy again. Maahir again saves her. He wraps the saree around her as a caring husband. Bela is smitten by him but is sad because she has to kill him. They have a staring contest… Bela starts crying and Maahir starts apologising for wrapping the saree around him. Bela then hugs him and apologises profusely for killing him. Obviously, Maahir has no clue why she is saying sorry 20 times over. Finally, the poison starts reacting on Maahir and he feels dizzy. Bela is crying and asking him why didn’t he leave her when there was still time. Strangely, Bela collapses whereas about-to-die Maahir looks for solutions to cure Bela. Maahir tries in vain to call for help but poison starts reacting quickly on him now People are sitting in the living room but no one looks up at Maahir who is on the verge of collapsing. And finally, he rolls down the stairs! Everyone rushes to get to him.

Meanwhile, the inspector is getting himself bugged by microphones and stuff because he is going to Maahirs house to get more proofs about Bela. Vish spies on him. The Inspector resolves to capture what Bela is in his camera today. Bela, who was till now unconscious, suddenly wakes up and looks for Maahir. People below are calling the doctor. The doctor tells them that Maahir’s body is getting colder because of the poison in his body. Everyone is shocked and Anu points towards Bela. The doctor says he is in danger and might die soon. He then advises them to admit him in the ICU. Bela overhears everything and regrets killing Maahir. Vish calls Bela to tell her that the inspector will be there soon when she tells Vish that she killed Maahir. Vish is shocked.

In the next episode, somebody attacks Bela and people attend Maahir’s funeral.

Naagin 3 August 11 2018 Full Episode Written Update: Bela decides to kill Maahir by getting close to him

The doctor is checkig Bela but she is disturbed by the continuous beep sound. The sound is making her transform into a snake. Suddenly Chander drops a plate on Anu’s head and the noise distracts the doctor. The latter runs to Anu’s help who had collapsed. Bela gets the opportunity to stop the machine and feel better. Anu is badly hurt in the head. Bela is tensed that she doesn’t have much time and she is yet to complete her task. She is waiting to kill Maahir, but he is busy thinking about his romantic moments with Bela

Vish and the inspector are looking for Yuvraaj. The inspector knows Bela is a snake. Bela and Maahir are having an intense discussion. Suddenly, Maahir shows Bela his superhero collection. He tells her how he used to escape his parents’ fights. Maahir tells Bela that he wants a superpower He doesn’t want to do anything bad anyone. He keeps ranting that he will take care of Bela and her baby. She keeps telling him she is not pregnant but Maahir is insistent that he will take care of her. Bela figures she is getting weird about Maahir. They share a romantic moment thereafter. Guruji is putting deadlines on everything Bela is doing. He might put a deadline on the number of times she exhales and inhales. Baba got no chill! There’s 32 minutes left to get the first task done. Come on Roadies… oops sorry this is Naagin. (Also read: Naagin 3 5th August 2018, Written Update of Full Episode: Annu claims that Bela is pregnant leaving Maahir shell-shocked)

Inspector and Vish are looking for Yuvi and reach a cave. It reminds Vish of the time she had killed Yuvi here. Vish signals someone to take care of the situation. Vish tries a lot to shoo the inspector from the place but then suddenly a dead body appears in front of them. Sumitra is decorating the nursery for Bela’s kid which they think is real despite the girl screaming nothing of the sort exists. Rich people are absurd. Maahir tells Sumitra he doesn’t understand what is going on with Bela. Sumitra tries to placate Maahir that mood swings. Guruji tells Bela to look for a birth mark on Maahir because there is a secret to this all. Bela is worried how can she do that without touching Maahir. Yes she can’t touching.

Bela tries to get this info out of Sumitra and she tells Bela that Maahir has a birthmark on his back. The Inspector and Vish discuss the dead body. That’s because the dead body can’t be identified because it was badly mangled. While the inspector is happy about it, Vish is cursing Anu under her breath. Bela now has just 25 minutes before the sun can set. Maahir decorates their room and arranged every stuff Bela might need help with. Bela again tries to reason with him but he doesn’t listen. So Bela then pretends to trip and throws juice on Maahir. That makes Maahir take off his shirt and bare his birth mark, That’s when Bea see where the naagmani is kept. Guruji is happy Bela completed her task. He tracks the naagmani down and sees someone holding it. Guruji appears in front of Maahir and Bela but Maahir doesn’t see him. She sends Maahir off and the Guruji tells her to complete her third task so that she can locate the Naagmani. The task is Maahir has to do something selflessly for Bela and out of love. But Bela is concerned about Maahir’s life because he will die if he touches her. But Guruji doesn’t care. He tells her to get through it because she was anyway intending to kill him.

Inspector and Vish have a conversation about Bela’s background. Vish tries to give wrong info about Bela but the inspector is too smart to get conned. The inspector then tries to get the autopsy report of the dead body which he is convinced is Yuvraaj’s. Bela now is really concerned. She is in two minds about Maahir but decides to go in favour of the Naagmani. Bela goes down to put her plan into action. Sumitra and Anu tell Bella that there is someone who wants to meet her. The woman is Pabitra and Bela is shocked.

Anu explains why Pabitra is here. She is supposed to check Bela’s pulse and reveal how many kids she will have. Bela is quite obviously frightened. Next episode Bela kills Maahir… at least that’s what the preview reveals.

Naagin 3 spoiler alert: Bela to kill Mahir?

Ekta Kapoor’s Naagin 3 is riding high on success since it went on air. The makers are not ready to lose out on the success streak of the show and are all set to offer new twists and turns. With each passing day, the show is becoming more and more interesting and leaving the fans mesmerised as well as puzzled. The makers indeed know how to give shockers, and something major is in the store for the audience in the upcoming episodes.

Currently, Bela’s (Surbhi Jyoti) true identity is in question for some time. Now, prepare for some high-voltage drama in the coming weeks. According to the reports of Tellychakkar, in the upcoming episodes, Mahir (Pearl V Puri) will be killed by Bela. Yes, you read it right! However, he won’t die for all and return from dead. It will so happen that Bela and Mahir will come close and this will result in Mahir’s death. After being choked to death by Bela’s poisonous touch, Mahir will soon come back to life and this will shock Bela. Since Bela is a naagin, any human getting intimate with her would die due to her poison. However, aghori priest will tell Bela that only her true lover will survive. Seeing Mahir get back to life Bela would realise he is her true love and this has intrigued many conjectures about Mahir being the true Naagraj. Now, only time will tell what the truth is. (Also Read: Naagin 3 5th August 2018, Written Update of Full Episode: Annu claims that Bela is pregnant leaving Maahir shell-shocked)

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Naagin 3 4th August 2018, Written Update of Full Episode: Bela puts up a show of being happy with Maahir as Adi revives

Naagin 3 starts with the caretaker/Naag having a chat with Vish about Annu. He tells her that she has gone to meet Raavi with the Inspector. Vish (Anita Hassanandani) says I have to stop this and make sure that Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) is safe in her revenge motive. Maahir (Pearl V Puri) enters the room and sees Bela tensed. He gets worried for her but she scolds him. Bela packs her bags. Vish takes the form of a medical intern and goes to the hospital. She cuts the oxygen pipe of Raavi. Later, Bela fights with Maahir for putting his clothes in her suitcase. She sees the shirt with which he covered her after she came out of the water. They share an eyelock. Maahir apologises to Bela for thinking badly about Rehaan and her relation. Bela says I don’t care as our marriage happened in odd circumstances and we are not bound by love. Maahir tells Bela if that was the case why she did not end the marriage before when he told her. Bela gets emotional. She reminds herself that he is the murderer of her love, Vikrant. Vish’s attempt to cut the oxygen pipe is thwarted as Annu and the Inspector enter there. The nurse says that she is in coma and cannot be woken up. Annu says something weird has happened with Raavi and she is determined to find out.

Maahir and Bela reach Sumitra’s mom home where she teases them to become parents soon. Adi wakes up and remembers how Jamini shrunk him in size. Maahir again gets scolded for Bela for being so attentive towards her. A woman with a black hood comes and knocks Adi down unconscious. At night, Bela sleeps on the bed while Maahir relaxes on the couch. He shares his childhood memories with her. He recollects an incident when his Naani had locked him inside this room and how he won her over with his persistence. It is morning when Vish enters Annu’s room. She plans to kill her but cannot do so as it is morning. Bela asks Maahir if he heard a gong but he says no. He asks her why is she angry. She says she is upset and does not want to get close to him as she does not believe in the relationship.

The caretaker/Naag also hears the gong and tells his men that it is time to leave the place. Kuhu gets teased by her husband on her fear of horror films. Sumitra says she will tell Maahir-Bela to get ready for the premiere night. Maahir tells Bela that he will shift his room as he does not want to upset her. When Sumitra walks in, Bela puts up a pretense that everything is fine between them. She says I cannot aunty and later says she will try to make things work. She remembers the romantic moments between them. Bela thinks she clearly heard a gong ringing but wonders why Maahir did not hear it. Adi wakes up and thinks who is preventing him from revealing the truth to everyone. He bangs at the door but no one opens it. He screams for everyone and finds the house deserted. Adi tries to locate his cell phone and finds it. Finally, he manages to get across to a friend and tells him to inform everyone that Bela is a Naagin.

Maahir and Bela leave for the premiere. One of the Icchadhari Naag’s come to her and say she should have responded to the gong. He is dressed as a watchman. It changes shape and goes. The Sehgal’s attend to the media at the premiere of Rohit’s film. There a Naag tells her that she should have responded to the call. Bela is confused about what is happening. Vish reaches there and tells Bela that it is very important for her to reach the Haveli right now. Maahir comes there and asks her whom was she talking to? She says she was thanking a woman for fixing her saree. Rohit invites the Sehgal’s to the podium and Kuhu as well.

When the lights get off for the screening, Bela tries to sneak out. But the lights do no go off. She collides with Poulomi on the way who asks her where is she going. She says she is scared of horror flicks. Sumitra insists that she sits with Maahir. Vish gets tensed and decides to help her out. The lights are off and Bela walks out. Adi reaches the venue of the premiere. Bela is taken to the haveli by her subjects. She changes into Naagraani form. Adi wants to reveal the truth to Maahir when Vish holds him.

Naagin 3 Spoiler Alert! Will Bela have a change of heart towards Maahir?

The coming episodes will highlight the changing equations between Maahir (Pearl V Puri) and Bela (Surbhi Jyoti). We will see that the couple leave the mansion along with Sumitra (Rakshanda Khan). Maahir will try to convince her that they can give their relationship a try but Bela will be adamant. She is trying to fight her feelings especially after Jamini (Mahira Sharma) has taunted her for forgetting revenge in her love for Maahir. There will be a sequence where they will be packing their suitcases and have an argument. Bela will be moved when she remembers a tender moment between them. (Also Read: Naagin 3 Spoiler Alert: Vish try to kill Maahir but falls in love with him after Bela realises her love for him)

However, she will not relent and Maahir will leave the house alone. Seeing this, Bela will feel hurt and try to pacify him. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Bela to accomplish her revenge motive with her feelings. In the coming episodes, we will see Maahir getting drawn to Vish (Anita Hassanandani) who tries to console him. There will be another big disclosure when Maahir tells Bela about the murder of Vikrant (Rajat Tokas). How will she react when she comes to know that Maahir is innocent in the whole matter? The makers have quite a few twists in place for the viewers.

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Naagin 3 Spoiler Alert: Vish to fall in love with Maahir; huge fight with Bela over love

Everyone who wanted to see Pearl V Puri and Anita Hassanandani as a couple in Naagin 3, it seems like their dreams will come true. In the coming episodes, we will see that Maahir (Pearl V Puri) separates from Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) after he realises that she is unwillingly married to him. She also distances himself after knowing that she is falling in love with him. She wants to kill him as she feels he murdered Vikrant (Rajat Tokas). However, Vish will chase him to finish him off. Maahir who is upset with Bela will try to find solace in Vish. Slowly, they will come closer. Vish will want to kill him but will soften as she sees his loving and loyal side. (Also Read: Naagin 3 28 June 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Bela kills Jamini in a thrilling encounter but is left upset about her feelings for Maahir)

The show will also go in the flashback mode where will see Bela’s (Surbhi Jyoti) mother getting the Naagmani from someone. We will see the younger version of Bela and her back story. We saw a love triangle in the first season where Shesha (Adaa Khan) fell in love with Ritwik (Arjun Bijlani) and became revengeful. Naagin 3 has been topping the TRP charts and Anita Hassanandani is getting a lot of love for playing the sassy Vishakha Khanna to perfection. Pearl and she also look good together on screen. In a recent interview, Pearl V Puri said, “I’ve not seen a naagin in real life. But, I have experienced paranormal activities as a child. When I was seven, I sensed ghosts around me. Everything exists, it’s all about what you believe in. I believe naagins exist. If one believes there is God, then there must be a devil too.” Stay tuned to BL for more scoops!

Naagin 3 28 June 2018 Written Update of Full Episode: Bela kills Jamini in a thrilling encounter but is left upset about her feelings for Maahir

Naagin 3 starts with Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) coming to Jamini’s (Mahira Sharma) and telling her that she will not let her harm Vish (Anita Hassanandani). She says she will not spare her. Jamini says let us fight it out as I will snatch away Vish and your powers. Sumitra (Rakshanda Khan) comes to call them downstairs and Bela says she will bring Jamini down. Rehaan/Vish sits nervously in the mandap. Bela taunts Jamini on her powers. Maahir (Pearl V Puri) asks Rehaan if he does not intend running away from the mandap. Sumitra wonders why Jamini is not coming. Mukti Bhabhi goes to see and just finds a dupatta. They wonder what happened to the girls. Bela in her Naagin form twists Jamini and brings her to the forest. Jamini falls down. Bela tells her I told you not to mess with Vish or me. She says I will not spare you. Jamini says I have brought you here so that I can challenge you alone. She says I will finish you. Jamini says I want to offer you as sacrifice to Goddess Kankaali. Bela is furious and says how can you imagine doing that to me.

Jamini through her powers makes Bela weak. She cannot concentrate to bring out her supernatural strength. In the bungalow, Andy Sehgal (Chetan Hansraj) gets irriated. Poulomi (Pavitra Punia) thinks that someone has cast an evil eye on the house. Jamini brings Bela to an old temple for sacrifice. Vish is also looking for Bela. Maahir calls Bela but is unable to reach her. Vish is worried for her friend. Suhani tells Pratham she is damn tensed. Maahir blasts the Inspector for being so callous.

He leaves the house looking for Bela. Vish comes to the Shiv Temple and prays for help. Jamini tells Bela she escaped first time round but this time, she cannot escape the sacrifice. She takes a sword and is about to kill Bela. In minutes, she changes into a snake and challenges Jamini. She tells Bela that she wants to kill her and become immortal. Bela says Lord Shiva is the owner of the Naagmani and she cannot take it. Jamini makes one more attempt but Bela has regained all her powers. She says I do not want powers but I want to finish sinners like you. Jamini tells Bela that she has lost her heart to a human being. She taunts her that she has forgotten her motive for revenge. Jamini tells Bela that she is in love with Maahir.

Jamini engages Bela in a conversation and hits her tail with the knife. She cries out in pain. Vish finally sees that Bela is in the cave. Maahir comes to the temple looking for her. Vish turns into a snake and escapes. He calls home and says there is no sight of Bela. Kuku says even Rehaan is not here. Maahir prays to Lord Shiva and leaves. Jamini attacks Bela with her claws. Bela throws her to the ground and assumes form of Sheshnaag. She kills Jamini. Vish also reaches there and they hug. Maahir comes to the temple and sees Rehaan/Vish with Bela. Rehaan/Vish tell Maahir that Jamini was a con woman and was escaping with the jewellery. He says Bela prevented her. He consoles Maahir saying that they are just friends and he need not worry. Maahir scolds Bela saying why did she take so much risk. Rehaan says Bela is misunderstood and says he needs a break now. Maahir wipes the blood from Bela’s forehead. He says thank God you’re safe. Bela remembers Jamini’s words that he has feelings for her. At home, Poulomi annoys Andy while Sumitra makes Bela promise that she will never risk her life again. Sumitra tells Andy that she will leave the house and take her kids along with her. She requests Andy but he does not relent.

Maahir says we can leave this house, it is no big deal. Andy says think about business. Maahir says love is bigger than everything. Maahir says his mom if she is happy or not. Anu comes to the Inspector and tells him to take her to Raavi. She requests the inspector and tells him to take her to Raavi. He relents. Vish as Rehaan calls his mom and says he is going to New York. Vish breathes easy post that.